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El Conjuro 2

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El Conjuro 2 is the follow up of the successful Arleux les Baux game. I really enjoyed that game, because it involved a bit more strategy than other co-op games, but I'm not sure if the same strategy works in this game. It seemed to me like there were more objectives in this one, and even though there were several characters to unlock, they were not restricted to just one job. The storyline in this game did not live up to what I had hoped for in the first game, but I still managed to have some fun. In this game you basically have two goals, to earn money and to kill as many enemies as possible, earning money will also help you buy weapons and other items to use against your opponents.

When I started playing this game online, I really did not know what to expect. I was expecting maybe another of the series of Arleux les Baux games where you would click your mouse to do different things on the screen. What I got instead was a game where I had to think fast to complete each level. The objective of the game was to get from one level to another before time ran out. You could use objects on the screen to stun your opponents, although you cannot hurt them, so it is a bit of a balancing act. There are a lot of other objectives available too, that can help you progress through the levels.

The controls in this game are very easy to understand. If you played the original, you will feel right at home. El Conjuro 2 improves on the first game, but still doesn't have all the charm that I remembered from its predecessors. Graphics are not the best thing, and unfortunately you will not have a really good time exploring the world because you can't see much.

Overall, it is a great online game to play. The only real complaint I have is that the story is not very interesting, but it still managed to make me laugh out loud quite a few times. Other than that, the game is one of those that will keep you coming back to try and beat the high scores.

This online game is definitely not for everyone. It does have some pretty harsh challenges, especially at the higher levels. That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed playing El Conjuro 2 and it's easy to see why people are raving about it. It is just a great game to play that has excellent graphics and excellent physics.

I highly recommend El Conjuro 2 to anyone who enjoys online games with a bit of a twist. It is a bit darker than most online action games, but it is a great action game nonetheless. I highly recommend it.

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Genres: Horror

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