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Zone 414

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Based on the true story, Zone 414 is an animated science fiction thriller directed by Luc Jacquet. It is a French made animated movie released in 1997. The plot of the movie revolves around a group of space explorers who land on a strange planet. Their mission is to investigate the nature and extent of the "zone," which they refer to as a Bermuda grass-like atmosphere devoid of gravity. While investigating this strange new environment, the explorers come into contact with a dangerous space virus that is transmitted through plants in the "zone."

Shot on a low budget (some reports say it cost $35 million to make), Zone 414 does have some pretty good special effects, though the special effects are more on the flashy side. It is definitely a sci-fi movie, despite being animated. The computer generated creatures used for the backgrounds looked rather generic. There were not too many effects that did not look like a rip-off of another animation movie from Disney. In short, most of the movie consisted of bland, cartoon-style creatures that looked as if they could have been lifted directly from an off-the-tv movie.

Despite the bland animation, Zone 414 has a few well-timed explosions that made the movie quite exciting. When one particular sequence climaxes, everything goes dark for a few seconds, then the entire space ship launches and heads towards Earth. As it heads towards Earth, various explosions occur near the space ship, but no one on the ground can see anything. Only one member of the ground crew, played by Andre the Giant, can make out what is going on through a P.D. (Planetary Defense Department) helmet.

One of the movie's main characters, played by Andre the Giant, is played by Jake Lyle. Although he is played by an unknown character in the beginning of the film, his voice is very familiar. Lyle's character, Zone 414, is the second member of the ground crew that land on the strange planet. The others are all dead when the ship lands on the "zone," a large area of toxic gas and low oxygen where only a handful of people remain alive. As they begin to eke out a living, they learn that this is not a normal planet but one with a secret formula that can turn any object into a lethal weapon.

As the plot progresses, we learn more about Zone 414. We find out that it was purposely landed on by terrorists who want to see how the formula is created. One of the members of the ground team, played by Andre the Giant, is badly burned on the first day of the attack. He must have the strength and courage to carry on, but he must also have the knowledge to protect those who are left behind. It is this theme that is explored throughout the rest of the movie.

Overall, it is a very well directed movie. Jake Lyle does a wonderful job of acting and directing. The visual elements are well thought out and executed beautifully. Most of the humor derives from the circumstances. For example, when one of the members of the ground team sacrifices himself for the others, everyone else just keeps walking.

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Duration: 98min

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