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Zeros and Ones

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Abel Ferrara's latest feature film, Zeros and Ones, stars Ethan Hawke as a prickly military anti-hero named JJ. It is based on his earlier script ideas, and is a political thriller set in late-night Rome. Aside from being an engaging drama, Zeros and Ones is also a darkly funny film. It is rooted in guerilla filmmaking and features a baffling aesthetic.

In this movie, viewers put themselves in the shoes of a dreamscape person who experiences a series of events. The action takes place in a post-modern Rome, and it's accompanied by an incomprehensible sense of anxiety. Unlike other films by Abel Ferrara, Zeros and Ones is free of a plot and focuses on its nerdy ideas. Although it lacks a narrative, it is an entertaining film that offers undeniable sensations.

The storyline of Zeros and Ones is intriguing. While a series of cryptic exchanges between the characters, a mysterious enemy and a young mother is a central theme, the movie is full of Lynchian elements. It also possesses a tense atmosphere and some dark spaces. It also has a number of flashback scenes of Hawke's twin brother, which makes it a compelling thriller.

"Zeros and Ones" is a film that explores a society under surveillance. While it has a lot of similarities with the original "Bad Lieutenant," it also explores the darker side of social paranoia and social anxiety. The plot of Zeros and Ones is similar to the one of Ferrara's New Rose Hotel, which also explored alienation in a globalized corporate oligarchy.

The movie is set in a Rome during the middle of the Holy War. The plot of Zeros and Ones is a pandemic lockdown dream. It is set in an isolated city and is populated only by a few characters. The movie starts with a video of Hawke's son Anna running through the streets of Rome with the intention of saving the Vatican. However, the ending is a grim one: he tries to save his brother's life by sacrificing himself.

Zeros and Ones is a 2021 American-Italian thriller that stars Dounia Sichov and Korlan Madi. It is directed by Abel Ferrara and premiered at the 74th Locarno Film Festival. It has earned praise in the critics, but has many flaws. In addition to the plot's listlessness, the movie has a lack of humor and is not a good watch for children.

This action-packed thriller has a great storyline, which is about a military man's love for his brother. It is a psychological thriller that is set during the COVID-19 lockdown. The plot is based on the concept of "splitting" a brother's heart and adjusting his life. The story focuses on the consequences of a pandemic and how it affects society.

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Genres: Thriller , War

Duration: 85min

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