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Yes Day

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Always feeling like they need to say "yes" to their children, Allison and Carlos encourage their three children to have "Yes Days," where the children get a choice in how many days they want to spend their time. As soon as the children are old enough, the parents decide if the children will have one day or two. As the children age up, the parents may choose to increase the "No Day" for each child. The kids will continue to have "No Day" for a number of weeks until they have all of their school requirements met and have been awarded their "YES Day" for that particular school year.

To help get your kids excited about the idea of spending their "days" free, create a movie calendar using calendars from online companies. Calendar online companies will print calendars with your choice of photos and captions from any of their thousands of movies. Once your child has gotten used to seeing the pictures each month, they will likely want to see the movie they are allowed to watch on the designated day. A great way to make sure they stay excited is to plan a trip to the movies the same night as a "YES Day."

In this example, the mother may choose to take her daughter to see the new Disney movie "Zootropolis" on the "idays." The father might choose something else, such as "The Secret Life of Bees" or" Percy Jackson and the Olympians." The choice is entirely up to the parent and what is most important to the child. Of course, many people feel very strongly about the importance of showing children that all of us have room for love. The fact is, if more parents choose the movies that are not only educational but also entertaining, then the quality of childhood will improve.

To help the children get used to seeing pictures of themselves at different ages, you can even make a collage with the pictures of your grandchildren or own children and post it on the wall. If you choose a theme, you can also use that theme in the homemade gift baskets or in decorations for the days leading up to the special day. You can also use a special photograph of your family or your special someone to create a framed cover for the calendar page.

The last thing you will need is some inexpensive but meaningful gifts for the adults in the family. While money may not be a big deal to the child, the adults may feel somewhat deprived. The children can offer small stuffed animals, handmade pottery items, or beautiful books as tokens of their appreciation. For older children, giving out jewelry, watches, or high-tech gadgets is a wonderful idea. Parents will probably appreciate personalized mugs, t-shirts, or sweatshirts as well.

Planning a special day for your parents should be done well in advance. Try not to do it on a Friday or Saturday since this day tends to be very busy. Instead, plan it a month or more ahead, so that there are no last minute hassles. You will surely find that planning for a Yes Day is not that difficult if you think ahead.

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Genres: Comedy , Family

Duration: 86min

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