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Wrath of Man

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Wrath of Man is based on the novel by Dan Simmons. The book tells about a secret police force in London, that was dismantled after an explosion and has now been formed again as a new team, the Perpetual War Machine. Their mission was to bust a group of terrorists that planned on destroying the New York Stock Exchange with nuclear weapons. The movie version of this story is different from the original, as Simmons decided to make a movie within a movie. The film is indeed very different in its style and storyline but nevertheless it still has the elements of a great super villain movie.

Wrath of Man starts by introducing us to some main characters. First we are introduced to the mysterious and powerful villain, referred to only as the Perpetual War Machine (W MW). He works for a mysterious and rich oil company that funded his research and development into a nuke capable of destroying New York. His henchman were former terrorists turned into weaponized killing machines.

MW was not satisfied with just having the ability to destroy large numbers of buildings with his latest invention, so he set up a heist with a couple of accomplices and stolen a van loaded with millions of dollars in gold and rare gemstones. With the help of a couple of fellow thieves they managed to steal the shipment and escape, but not before the Perpetual War Machine destroyed the city and everyone in it. Years later a young woman named Renee, who had become close to MW during their time spent together in the wastes of post-war London, gets herself kidnapped by him. When she refuses to give up the information about his whereabouts and her father's legacy the Perpetual War Machine makes her his new wife. Renee has to deal with a lot of issues while also trying to figure out what happened to her parent's company during the time of their heist.

The movie M Where did the World End Up? is in essence an update on the modern version of the story. It tells the same basic plot as the original but with a few twists here and there. The movie itself is quite interesting, as was the casting, and the trailers were effective, but I didn't find the movie very captivating and didn't care for the storyline (which in the grand scheme of things is hardly important).

However, when I watched the red band trailer for M Where did the World End Up? I was instantly hooked! The trailer put me in the mood for the movie, as the mysterious and dangerous villain forced the heroes in the movie to take action against him and only by facing him and working together could they win. The trailer looked very intense, with fast moving action that was intense and dramatic. There were explosions, shootouts, special effects, and lots of computer generated imagery that really added to the overall effect of the trailer.

While the red band trailer may not have been my favorite film, I still thought it was an excellent film that held its promise for what it could become. The late John Woo directed action thriller M Where did the World End Up? worked together well, and is one of those films you either love or hate.

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Genres: Action , Crime , Thriller

Duration: 119min

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