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Tom Clancy's Without Remorse

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Tom Clancy's Into the Westward Wind is one of those rare movie serials that manages to not only be entertaining but also educational. The movie itself takes place during the period immediately following the Civil War and follows the journey of a young man from New York City who gets separated from his family while traveling through an enormous desert. He ends up stranded with little more than his horse and a bottle of whiskey, in a small desert town known as Black Mountain.

When it became available on streaming websites such as Amazon, one could not help but notice the similarity with other similar movies of its kind. Clerks, Meet the Parents, and Iron Man have all combined elements from real life history, to create a contemporary movie experience that still manages to be funny, thrilling, and thrilling at the same time. However, the major difference between the three films is that without remorse, Tom Clancy delivers a unique film. With this film, Clancy manages to combine aspects of conspiracy, espionage, and reality into one entertaining and thrilling movie.

One of the main characters, Major Francis Cross (Brie Larson) is an orphan who travels through time due to an accident that kills his parents. With the power of the internet, he sets up a website that allows people from all over the world to access his database of information. It is here that he meets his granddaughter Alice (Anne Hathaway). However, the site also leads him on an adventure that will change his life forever. In addition to Anne Hathaway and her role as Major Cross, the movie also stars Dan Butler as Richard Rojas, cia Ross coughlin as Joyce Ballantyne, and Steve Martin as David Kleinfeld.

Another movie with a similar plot is 21, the follow up to the successful Frida 2s movie series. Here, Max Lucado returns as the evil Doctor Vengeance and sends Alice back in time, where they both hope to prevent the rise of a new super villain. Along the way, they meet Alice's father, attorney, and doctor, which make things much more complicated for them. Streaming action and hilarious supporting characters make this movie one of the best of the bunch.

A lesser known movie, but a fun watch nevertheless, are Amazon's The Informant! starring Matt Damon and directed by Steven Soderbergh. In this movie, Damon plays an informer for the CIA. He must carry out his duties while uncovering a terrorist plot against American soil. With some great acting and interesting story line, Amazon's The Informant! sells like hot cakes, making it a must-see film on your list of must see movies on Blu-ray.

The aforementioned movies are all perfect examples of how good Blu-ray can be, especially when it comes to picking up a movie on a whim. But then again, the quality of these titles is pretty much on par with what you would get from a standard DVD player. If you love the special effects, you will enjoy them on Blu-ray. If you hate them, don't worry. Both Soderbergh and Brie Larson have done enough to turn some people's heads, so don't let the less-than-perfect special effects rob you of your enjoyment of this Blu-ray title. Get your Tom Clancy's without remorse pack in the mail and dive into the world of espionage and thrillers today!

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Genres: Action , Thriller

Duration: 109min

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