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Wish Dragon

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Wish Dragon is an animated feature film directed by Yuichiro Nagashii. It was originally intended to be a sequel to Dragonball, which starredDragonball Z's Vegeta. While the latter franchise did go on to spawn several movies and television specials, Yuichiro Nagashii instead decided to take his story into the realm of Anime, and create a completely new series of movies and serials, which he marketed online. Now, fans can enjoy the brilliant animation, and compelling plot of this fantastic movie on DVD, from beginning to end.

An epic comedy film written and directed by Yuichiro Nagashii Wish Dragon is an amazing live-action fantasy film written and illustrated by the popular Japanese author, Takuzo Yamada. In the year twenty-first century, five young children are chosen by their families to travel to a new town called Vestoria, which has been transformed into a dragon city due to the powerful presence of three magical dragons. The children become enchanted with the magic dragon eggs found within the eggs and unwittingly allowed to hatch. Once the hatchlings hatch, they find themselves transformed into powerful dragons and start questing for their own adventures.

Long ago, long before the legend of dragons began to circulate throughout various cultures around the world, and long before television shows and movies ever became popular, there was the legend of the wish dragon. This powerful beast was believed to be responsible for many of the myths and legends that surrounded the mythology of various Asian countries. Most commonly depicted as a green serpentine animal with multiple heads, the wish dragon can take on many forms. Some wish dragons appear as a proud, brave, and powerful warrior, while others are gentle and diminutive creatures who live in forests. One of the most intriguing things about this mythical creature is that it is always shown as being able to transform into a dragon.

It is only since the mid-twentieth century that cartoon characters like Dragon Masters have come to be widely accepted and popular among young children and adults alike. These cartoons feature kids who, along with their friends, go on exciting and often dangerous quests in order to defeat and subdue the most formidable of all the mythical creatures-the Dragon Master. Although dragons are traditionally shown as evil, good, or vicious, depending on the story and the artist's imagination, there are numerous instances where the Dragon Masters is portrayed as benevolent, mild-mannered characters. In the Dragon Masters series for instance, the main character Hyeh dislikes using his powers for good, but he still allows his son Cho Seok to use them when necessary. This example of how a child may not use their abilities for good, but chooses to use their power for protection, illustrates the point that not all dragons are bad.

So how do you go about finding a wish-granting dragon who will grant your child's wish? The first step in finding a Wish Dragon that your child will love and who will listen to them is to ask their parents for help. If your parents have at least one Dragon Master on their side (and chances are they do) then the task of tracking down a willing ancient creature willing to grant a wish will be made a lot easier. If not, then the only option available to you is to browse online websites dedicated to the search for these highly coveted creatures. There are many different online resources which feature information about Dragon Masters-you can visit each one to learn more about a particular wish-granting dragon and to locate one for your child.

One final note about finding a wish-granting dragon: although it is a common and widespread practice among many American children today, most people who wish for a wish to come true don't actually use these shows to do so. TV shows such as Dragon Masters and Blue's Clues are not a way to find a wish-granting dragon or any other mythical creature for that matter; they are not the means by which wishful thinking adults seek to fulfill their wishes. (As an aside, it should be noted that this also applies to TV shows featuring the characters of Scooby-Doo and The Sesame Street when they appear to search for an answer to a question or solve a problem.) The best way to find a Dragon Master (or any other mythical creature for that matter) is to use online wish-granting communities such as the online community "Wish Dragon Forums" which is where I got my closest answer to the question of how to find a wish dragon effectively!

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Genres: Animation , Comedy , Family , Fantasy

Duration: 99min

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