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War of Likes

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In this new movie "Movie Date," starring Meg Ryan and Zooey Deschanel, the actress has a chance to shine as the lead character. In fact, she is given two very different yet romantic scenes that will get her the attention of both fans and critics. The movie is directed by Amy Waterman and produced by Focus Features.

In order to progress her career in the competitive world of online publicity in Mexico City, Raquel wants to rekindle her old friendship with her college friend, Cecy. But unlike other friends, online relationships don't just come instantly. It takes time and effort for them to develop. This is where the movie helps its viewers. It shows the gradual development of these two characters.

The movie starts with the two girls attending a birthday party of their mutual friend, Ana. Everything goes smoothly but then something mysterious happens. Cecy gets very angry when she finds out that Raquel and her friend have been fooling around behind her back. This upsets Raquel who instantly begins to apologize for her behavior. Meanwhile, Ana runs into some trouble because she ignored the warning of her friend about an impending cyber-stalking case.

The cyber stalker turns out to be Diego. He talks extensively about his life story and tells about how he met his wife. Then, he insists that he isn't a stalker because he only wants to be friends first before taking drastic measures. But suddenly, he starts calling every night and comes on the phone to ask Ana to meet him. When Ana ignores him, he threatens to report her to the police unless she gives in to his sexual advances.

Meanwhile, Raquel is working away from home at her night job in a printing shop when her online account is hacked. The cyber-stalker gained access to her personal data and transferred millions of dollars online. Now, she has no money and no one wants her. The movie ends with Raquel running to the United States to file for bankruptcy. But the worst thing is that, somehow, Diego and the other cyber-stalker escaped to a new world that looks very much like our own.

War Of Likes has received praises from both movie critics and online viewers. They say that it is one of the most realistic and believable cyber-stalking stories. They also said that some of the scenes were very disturbing, especially the one with Raquel's murder-suicide. It is definitely worth a watch, even if you think you know what a cyber stalking victim looks like.

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Genres: Comedy

Duration: 103min

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