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Vivo is the hottest DVD player available today! Vivo has replaced the much maligned Nintendo Wii and is poised to change the gaming landscape forever. This super fast DVD player can burn any movie onto a DVD so that you can watch instantly on your computer or television. Vivo works with all major video game systems and is ideal for both kids and adults. Vivo gives you a way to burn movies on disc quickly and easily.

Watch Vivo On PC With Streaming video: Download full movie onto Vivo(TM) using Vivo Client software, and watch video(R) online at home, in the office, on the go, or anywhere! Vivo Client software can be downloaded free of charge and then installed on your computer. Once downloaded, Vivo will run itself, transcoding your favorite movies into flawless DVD quality. Vivo client software is simple to install and configure, and once set up, is capable of burning movies onto Vioos using the Vao Software format. Vivo will convert any video file and save it as a movie for playback on your computer, iPod, iPad, iPhone or other mobile device.

Watch Vivo On iPod: Watch vivo(R) on iPod using Vao Client software, which is a very simple to use, highly effective and feature rich software solution for any computer, laptop or iPhone. Vao Client enables you to stream any video you want to Vivo onto any kind of device including computers, laptops, iPads and other mobile devices. This innovative application streamlines the process of watching Vivo and allows you to watch live and recorded footage on your computer. Streaming media such as live videos are becoming more popular as streaming media formats increase in popularity. Streaming media also saves a significant amount in the space, as well as electricity and bandwidth.

Watch Online video Full Movie On iPod: Watch online video full movie on your ipod and enjoy them on any device, whether you have an iPhone or a tablet. View live and recorded footage on your PC instantly. If you're recording on your cell phone or laptop then simply transfer the movie file to your computer using Vao Client. Once there you can watch the movie on your iSight or iPhone through the built in iSight player. You can even burn the movie to disk and copy it to another device for safekeeping.

Watch Online video Full Movie On iPhone: Watch online video full movie online free on your phone and watch it on any other iOS device. Just download Vao Player from the iTunes Store and install it onto your computer. Then transfer the movie file onto your computer using Vao Client. Or if you don't have Vao Client then just transfer the movie onto an SD card and plug it into your phone. Vao will then play the movie on your iPhone with absolutely no hassle.

Get Free DVD Quality Images: If you are using Vivo to watch movies then you probably want to have DVD quality images of your favorite movies. The software allows you to easily switch between the different image formats such as PICT, DivX, XviD and MPEG-2 versions. This means that you can watch the movie as intended on your home TV and then download the same movie to an iPhone, iPad Mini to watch on the go. These images can be converted to streaming media such as HLS and MMS for even faster viewing on mobile devices.

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Genres: Animation , Comedy , Family

Duration: 99min

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