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The Twist is a fast paced movie from the great Tom Hanks. It's set in modern-day New York City, where Tom Hanks plays a middle-aged divorced man who lives alone. He takes a job as a personal shopper for Macy's, but things don't go quite as planned. He ends up falling in love with an online dating site, and the rest is history...

The movie starts off with a bang. Tom Hanks delivers his fantastic performance as the spunky, yet sad single man. The movie progresses through a series of funny scenes, and we even get a glimpse of the inner workings of the online dating site. The movie is a hilarious romantic comedy that's sure to be a box office hit.

The twist revolves around the fact that Hanks' character has a son (played by Brad Pitt), whom he adopted. However, he didn't adopt him because he wanted a boy - he adopted him because his real son was taken away by social services. Now that Tom Hanks is an older man, he wants to find love again, but he's determined to use the online dating service to do it. The only problem is that he's completely oblivious to the fact that his adopted son is a man named David. David runs away from home to live with his cousin, while Tom tries to track him down.

Meanwhile, David's wife has also been sucked into the online simulation site. She ends up falling for David and ends up emailing all of her friends. Tom is a bit confused by the fact that his own wife has end up getting online with someone else. At first, he doesn't believe that this could actually happen in real life, so he sets out to find out more about the woman.

The twist is that David isn't his real biological son - he's just a figment of Tom's imagination. So David starts working at the online simulation site as a male persona, pretending to be a young boy. And soon enough, everyone starts assuming that he's their son. The women are turned on by this, and they make plans to meet him.

It turns out that David had been trying to run away from home for years, and he finally managed to get himself hired at the online dating website. It's totally unbelievable that this type of twist happens - it's like the plot of a novel. But it's totally real, and if you read the book, you'll understand why. It's a great read!

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Genres: Action , Crime , Drama

Duration: 92min

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