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Tom & Jerry

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Tom & Jerry's ice cream has been around since 1938. The founders were siblings who started a business making sundaes and other sweets at home. In their earliest years they sold fried doughnuts and candies, and gradually their business expanded to include a candy shop in downtown Columbia, SC. When the American Tourister Company bought the shop in 1965, it was immediately successful and it is one of the best known candy shops in the South. Today, Tom & Jerry's sells a wide variety of sweets including fudge, sherbet lecithin, and toffees. Their specialty is flavoring, which includes famous candy characters such as Snoopy, Elmo, and dozens of others.

You can find the candy online by typing in the key phrase "Tom & Jerry's", or you can visit the official website. If you are unfamiliar with the company, the owners have done an excellent job of explaining it on the web site and providing insider information about the shop, and the products. There are several pictures of their signature sweets. The online shop is easy to navigate and there are hundreds of different flavors to choose from. Their website even includes recipes for delicious and easy to make "soda pops", which is a treat for young and old alike.

While the online store offers hundreds of tempting treats, you should probably sample some of their chocolate dipped apples. These are very popular at the holidays and it is fun to see all of the different varieties that they offer. There is always a different style of apple to accompany any of the chocolate dipped ones. Many people like to use orange and red chocolate for these items, but you can also get brown chocolate if you want to add a little more of a treat to your treat. The brownies are very rich and have lots of delicious frosting that will cover them.

Most people enjoy watching movies at home. If you like this type of movie, then you will love the selection that you can find at the Tom & Jerry's website. They offer hundreds of different titles, many of which were chosen due to their creativity as well as their delicious taste. Many of their movies are actually short stories that tell the story behind each of the candies that they offer.

Another feature of this shop online is their gift cards. These are great for special occasions and really make saying "Thank you" easier for everyone involved. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to thank you cards. You can choose from one of their templates or you can go with the more personalized approach. They will take the card and create an individual card just for you.

With so many different options to choose from, it may be hard to make up your mind about which one to go with. After all, you do not want to go to a store to buy chocolate, only to come home and realize that it is expired. However, this will be more likely to happen if you choose a store that is known for their customer service and their candy. When you are stuck for a gift, you should consider trying this shop.

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Genres: Animation , Comedy , Family

Duration: 101min

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