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To All the Boys: Always and Forever

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"To All the Boys..." is a damn fine movie. No, it is not as good as The Damned United or A Few Good Men but it certainly is entertaining. If you like watching movies with an edge, then you will enjoy this one... Of course, it does have some action too.

Mr. Michael Moore (acted by Mr. Seuss) is back with his latest masterpiece "To All the Boys" which is sure to be one of the year's most coveted movies... The movie is about a boy (acted by Jason Seuss) who stumbles across a body in a dumpster behind a drugstore. The boy, unaware of what is going on around him, invites several other boys to visit the dumpster behind the store... However, they are quickly scared away when two men dressed in white coats appear and take the boys into custody.

One of my favorite scenes in the movie is when the white-coated men ask the boys if they know why they were taken away. The boys reply that they didn't know; they were just looking for a place to sleep. Of course, the men don't care and continue to tell the boys that they shouldn't be inside the dumpster. Of course, not long after this the other boys appear from behind a cover door and take one of the boys down. The frightened boy screams out, "Please!"

Once the group is placed in the custody of the boys are given new names: Bryan, Craig, Travis and Tommy... The boys are soon reintroduced to their father (who is also the officiant at their weddings), who tells them that he never believed that they would have a place in his life again. He then expresses his desire to get them back through marriage. Once the ceremony is over the father and boys are on their way to a much more normal life. While this may seem like a happy ending for Bryan, Craig and Travis, it is clearly not the end of the world for Tommy.

To All the Boys: Always and Fo' More is about family, love, commitment, honor, and most of all, forgiveness. The main character, Tommy, has committed a lot of mistakes in his life, but after being told that he doesn't deserve a second chance, he jumps at the chance to start all over. His friends have abandoned him and now he finds himself working late while trying to support his sisters and brothers. Everything is going wrong and although he loves his family, he just can't accept the fact that he'll be living life on his own. But, with the help of a priest played by Ben Kingsley, he finds a new purpose in life and becomes the very best person that he ever could've dreamed of.

If you thought that this movie was a little boring, then you haven't seen enough movies. In my opinion, it is one of the best films that was ever made. It tackles so many serious topics such as wronged lovers, drug abuse, betrayal, family values, the loss of a loved one, and a lot more. With an amazing plot line, and the lead character, playing the role of a father who's trying to save his family, To All the Boys: Always and Fo' More is a definite must-see movie...

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Genres: Comedy , Drama , Romance

Duration: 115min

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