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The Virtuoso

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A virtuoso is a person who exhibits outstanding talent and superior artistic ability in a specific art or musical field like music, fine arts, dancing, playing an instrument, or even writing. These people have a great sense of timing as they can instantly recognize and reproduce sound using their own instruments or their voices. Some of the most famous musical performers in the world are the pianist's Mozart and Antonio Salieri, the conductor Antonio Salieri, the artist Clara Schumann, and the writer Franz Kafka. Some other renowned performers include the singer/songwriter Edith Piaf, the dancer Andra Smith, the writer Oscar Wilde, the actor Peter Sellars, the author Graham Greene, and the film director Stanley Kubrick. Some of these people have gained international recognition for their talents.

It seems that the word "virtuoso" has negative connotations when used to identify highly creative and talented individuals. To most of them, a virtuoso is a person who displays an insensitive joke in public, an exaggerated personality, a weak sense of timing, or a flamboyant display of art. On the other hand, most critics believe that being a virtuoso means having a strong sense of personality and individuality.

There are different ways by which we can determine a virtuoso. One of these is through his or her ability to create musical works that are considered classics. For instance, Benitoite guitarist Pachelbel wrote much of his music while he was in an induced coma due to influenza. However, his ability to create new music and express himself in the world around him are what distinguished him from the many other musicians who lived during this time.

Another major factor that is believed to separate a virtuoso from the rest of the performers of their time is his or her technical ability. A good example of this is Arnold Schwarzenegger, who despite being one of the biggest movie stars in the world, failed to be recognized as a classical actor until much later. The reason for this is because many of his roles were so over the top and over the Topsy-Turvy that his character seemed to lack real personality. While there are those who believe that the entire reason for Arnold's success is due to his talent, others believe that his over the top acting abilities and gimmicks added to his success as well. Some even point out that John Turturro did not have nearly the same level of technical ability as Schwarzenegger when he was first cast as the Governor of California.

If we want to measure a performer's level of technical ability, the best way to go about doing so is to look at their early career. For instance, Charles Dickens, the greatest English writer of the late 19th century, had a difficult time of convincing people that his stories were anything more than a kid's fantasy. Although his talent is often equated to his ability to write, it is also true that he struggled throughout his life with finding his place in the world and fighting to be taken seriously as an author. In the end, his ability to put together a story, which involved many different characters, and make them all belong together, finally ended up giving him the kind of fame that would make him famous.

So how do we separate the gifted from the rest of the pack? We have to figure out what separates the great from the rest, and also what separates the mediocre from the exceptional. For instance, although Arsenio Frasier might be a wonderful stand-up comic with great vocal talent, he does not possess the same kind of depth that you would need to make meaningful observations about the world around us. On the other hand, while John Turturro may have a great comedic talent, he is rather bland in his presentation, which means that the character he plays on television does not offer insights into the human condition.

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Genres: Action , Crime , Thriller

Duration: 105min

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