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The Unholy

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The Unholy diaries is an online vampire movie based on the novel by Frances Woolfolk. When a devastated woman suddenly falls dead, terror grips the small town of Eastvale. When a young man with a mysterious power discovers the body, he goes to the police. But the police soon discover that this young man has been a vampire all along and intends to sacrifice the innocent again. Terrorists from an international terrorist group join forces with this young man to take over the facility and force the population into fighting or dying. The Unholy also features the lead protagonist Thomas Brodie's Detective John Keough who must struggle against the evil that has taken over his own department.

People that have seen the movie are saying that The Unholy Diaries is one of the better vampire movies ever made. The special effects are very good and it looks like the true vampire legends have been brought to life in this movie. The acting is great as well and the special effects and vampire myths are terrifying. The story is intense and fast paced.

The movie starts with Thomas Brodie slowly recovering from his vampire crisis. A friend of Brodie's contacts him and tells him of a young girl in Eastvale, who may be a vampire and possesses the life giving power. But before anything can progress between the two, a vampire attacks Brodie in the middle of the night. An ambulance worker is killed in the attack and the police are called in to investigate the crime.

As the investigation proceeds, it becomes apparent that there may be more to the vampire attacks than originally believed. With some help from some new characters, The Unholy Diaries quickly finds that the vampire is in fact the owner of a human sex slavery ring. In this facility, the men are forced to serve the women for a fee. They are tortured and treated extremely badly. When they refuse to work, they are killed.

There is some tension between the main characters as they try to discover what really happened. Some of the details may have been left out because of time constraints. For example, one of the major characters in the movie is absent for most of the movie. It may be because he was busy tracking down the evil vampire.

This movie is intense and dark. The acting is great. The story has some good elements, but the movie did not hold my interest throughout. I would have liked to have seen more time dedicated to establishing the characters and their back story. Maybe, a part 2 would have been in order.

Average: 7.4 / 10 (2060 votes)
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Genres: Horror

Duration: 99min

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