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The Trip

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Will The Trip With Mickey Mouse be like the classic trip of discovery? What I'm thinking of here is the Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland classic. But with online booking, the only difference it will be the fun part. It will be a virtual journey to an alternate version of our reality wherein our journey does not end when we reach the White Rabbit. In an alternate universe, we have found ourselves in an adventure of our own and the journey of the adventure is just beginning. It's a lot of fun yet also educational at the same time.

The virtual meeting place for our adventure is the web site called Virtualbox. We can visit this virtual meeting place anytime we want to do so. We just log in using our credentials and the site will automatically launch a browser in front of us with the default desktop background. We can go anywhere we want in this world, just as Alice did in the famous story. However, since we are in an online environment, the usual tools that we usually use in our real lives are unavailable here.

For example, you can't touch, see or hear your virtual character like in the book. This is due to a technology called VoIP. This simply means that we can talk to our characters like we would to our friends or family. It makes the game more realistic and you are given options to either type in your voice our message or talk normally like you would to your family.

On the other hand, it gives the advantage of being able to plan your trip ahead of time and not to worry about the consequences of your last decision. Since you already made up your mind to travel to Disney World, you can't change your mind and leave the hotel before you leave. You can't even change the travel plans once you are already there.

It's very similar with the online booking system. We can't call the virtual agent to make our reservations because the computer has already done it. But the same goes for the restaurant where we want to eat a meal. Our order is already programmed into the system so there's no need to agonize over what to have for dinner. In fact, we don't have to agonize about the choices at all.

Traveling with kids can really be a daunting task. But when everything is done online, we can be a lot more relaxed. That's why we should use this convenient travel service. Now it's your turn to make your trip a stress free one! Book your trip today!

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Genres: Action , Comedy , Horror , Thriller

Duration: 113min

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