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The Tomorrow War

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What is The Tomorrow War? Time travel, aliens, military conflict - does any movie that checks all boxes really have to have a good plot? Does not matter, you are getting one anyway!! A futuristic war against monsters 30 years in the future is not going very well for humankind, so people began using time traveling to pull ordinary people out of alleyways to help win the battle in the near future (and also... to get rich).

What will happen is you will fly into a zone where the enemy is attacking with flyingoid weapons and laser beams. You will then be told that the enemy is on the move, and you have to get there before they do. This movie promises many thrilling set pieces, and also some impressive special effects. Is it going to be good?

The Tomorrow War is being developed by Blumhouse studios, who are known for producing horror movies, and also the popular Friday the 13th franchise. The movie is based on a story by J. Wes Watson, and it is being written by Matt Damon and Anne Hathaway. Will the movie become a sleeper hit, or a box office bomb? Viewers will have to decide that for themselves when The Tomorrow War opens in theaters on July 21st, but one thing is for sure, this movie is shaping up to be the blockbuster movie everyone is talking about. Check out our review of the movie for more information.

The movie has already created quite a buzz, thanks in large part to the viral marketing strategy The Tomorrow War's producers have implemented. For those that missed the news, The Tomorrow War is a viral marketing campaign that will allow audiences across the globe to download the movie via the internet. This is a fairly new concept, and the team at Blumhouse Entertainment has had quite the time working with different viral marketing services to launch this new feature from its inception.

Those who have seen The Tomorrow War already are talking about it, and those who haven't been anxious to see what all the excitement is about. Many are wondering how such a crazy idea could be true, but the answer is simple: time travel. In other words, we are already traveling back in time, and that is what is causing the strange phenomenon. In the future, we may not be able to time travel, but we can use the ideas of the future to plan our visits to the next century. This movie doesn't just promise entertainment, it promises a new way to learn about the unknown.

We will have much more to say about The Tomorrow War once we get the full release date. In the meantime, if you are dying to find out what the movie will look like, stream it from a reliable streaming service today. You won't regret it, and you'll be sorry you didn't wait for it. The Tomorrow War looks as crazy as it sounds, and if it's as entertaining as people are saying it will be, we're looking forward to seeing The Tomorrow War when it comes out on DVD!

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