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The Seventh Day

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The Seventh Day of Seder is the first holy day for the Jewish people, according to the Jewish calendar. The celebration is on the first day of the new moon, according to the lunar calendar. This is also the last day of the quarantine period that occurred in Egypt, and therefore, the entire community celebrated the seventh-day Sabbath together.

During the course of the book, Haggai relates stories from the Bible and his own life, recounting the events that happened during these three days of the week. The book has become very popular not only as a classic children's story but also as a source of great controversy among Israelite, Jewish and secular scholars. Some view Haggai as a heretic because he compares the seventh-day Sabbath to the age of the Jewish peoples, which in the book is indicated as eight-hours long, indicating that the Flood occurred in the daytime. Others see Haggai as a visionary and he is portrayed as an important cultural figure of the time who is known to have had a major impact on the way Jewish communities thought about their heritage and their future as a nation.

In many translations of the Haggai, the original text is missing or altered, thus rendering the book irrelevant to the Jewish community today. Nevertheless, the story can be read online and most online readers are able to access this priceless gem of a work, whether they are religious scholars or simple readers. The Haggai is a miracle of modern publishing and one that anyone interested in the Bible should really get to experience.

In order to make the Haggai available online, a copy of the Hebrew original must first be found. The Internet, thankfully, provides this service for free, with many websites offering the full text for free or at a price. Of particular note is the premier Haggai website, which offers a selection of readings in English, Spanish, Italian, and other languages. The translation of the Haggai into other languages is made simple by the use of software that has been developed specifically for this purpose.

A great Haggai translation will make its reader feel like they are visiting a holy temple, because it carries the seal of the sacred authorship of the author. Most traditional translations are translated from the original source language, but the Haggai translator has paid special attention to theologically relevant parts of the book, which in many cases (depending on the Haggai reading) contain biblical statements that would have a significant impact on one's understanding of the events of the seventh day of the Creation. Many traditionalists attack Haggai for its transgression of the "Sabbath" as seen in the Old Testament, but it is actually impossible to read the entire Haggai (or even part of the Haggai if you are not a traditionalist) on the Sabbath. The entire book was written in seven days. Even so, if you read the book on the Sabbath, you are making sure that you keep in step with the times.

The beauty of reading Haggai on a computer screen instead of paper will be especially satisfying if you happen to be a devout worshiper of the Lord. Traditionalists decry any type of New Age "deification" of the seventh day of creation. But there is nothing "deified" about the Haggai. In fact, it is more like a celebration of the miracle of creation itself. This new technology provides people who are interested in learning more about the book of Job with an easy way to do just that.

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