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The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed by Light

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Cuarca de Cuarca is a full-length feature film directed by Miguel Lopez de Leon. The movie begins with a short montage of the previous seven sins, introducing us to some characters and then what happened to them. Then cut to the Demon Realm where several creatures/monsters are being killed. There's also some interesting foreshadowing of the upcoming climax throughout the movie, so it ends on a somewhat intriguing note. Cuarca de Cuarca is Spanish for "The Seven Deadly Sins" and this is the first Spanish language movie directed by Miguel Lopez de Leon.

The movie begins by detailing how the evil demon king named Gabriel finds his way into the human realm and begins conquering cities one by one. Gabriel is so powerful that even the most powerful king cannot control him. Meanwhile, there is also an ancient demon lord named Diablo who has also found his way into the human world. He is the King of Fire and he seeks to rule all of Europe.

In order to defeat the King of Fire, our protagonist and friend Gabriel must travel through the seven gates of hell to reach the realm of light. Along the way, he must defeat the dragons, fairies, and other inhabitants of the seven deadly sins in order to reach the throne of the King of Fire. We also learn that the reason why Gabriel was thrown into this place is because he stole the power of the seven gates when he was a child but he was able to regain it by becoming a person of faith.

Once he arrives in the Land of Magic, Gabriel realizes that the King of Magic has turned into a monster. He then decides to kill him but when the two fight, the king falls into a deep hole known as the Well of Darkness. Unfortunately, Gabriel is trapped with his father, his three sisters, and all the other inhabitants of the Land of Magic. However, God appears out of nowhere and saves them all. The king then transforms into a dragon and defeats Gabriel, but not before his three sisters are killed. With this, Gabriel transforms into the final form of the ultimate deity, the Supreme Deity.

Crunchyroll synopsis The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed With Light is an online Japanese anime film which debuted in November of 2021. The plot revolves around a young man named Gabriel who was cast away into another dimension without any means of escape after stealing the power of the seven deadly sins. As luck would have it, Gabriel finds his way back through the well and comes across his own deceased father. This father gives Gabriel his own sword which he uses to protect the world. Unfortunately, Gabriel soon finds out that if he does not complete his mission and defeat the evil kingpin of the sins, his father will be taken over by the devil, setting off a full-scale battle of good and evil.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed With Light was a very successful Japanese animated series that took the world by storm. Crunchyroll reviews have described the story as a combination of the Bleach and the Naruto anime, combining it with elements of fantasy, mythology, and even shinto. The animation itself was praised for its bright color palette, excellent artwork, and stunning scenes that truly convey the feeling of darkness and horror. It is the type of movie that you would expect to be incredibly creative and extremely well-animated while at the same time having a level of grace and elegance that makes it truly memorable. Whether you are someone who appreciates Japanese animation, fantasy, or just love a good story, The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed With Light is a fantastic and entertaining movie worth your time.

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