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The Ogglies: Welcome to Smelliville

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The Ogglies: Welcome to Smelli could be a film directed by someone like Luc Jacquet. This would be a great film if it is done well, as it's been on my list since I saw it at a festival several years back. But I'm not going to give too much away here as it is quite a long film and in the end it is not bad. The movie starts off with some music videos from some of the most famous stars of the decade. Some people say that The Ogglies is one of the best made movies of the year, and in my opinion that is a bold claim.

The movie takes place in a small country town called Smelli (population 595). There is a local Serrano bakery where every Sunday morning a young girl called Sonia (Ester Murillo) starts her day by making chocolate cakes and filling them with other delicious desserts. Aged in her late twenties, Sonia has a talent for baking and designing. As her skill and passion for food increases, she works quickly to establish a successful bakery. A few months later, she meets Andres (Rainer Rodritt), a Spanish backpacker staying with a family in the country. They hit it off and shortly after Andres asks Sonia to cook for his family on the weekends.

While working at the bakery, Sonia gets to know Andres much better and he decides to ask her out one Saturday evening. She initially refuses but when he catches her singing a Spanish song in Spanish in the kitchen (in Spanish), she decides to go out with him. On their first date, he proposes to her, which she accepts gratefully. A few days later, On a business trip, Sonia and Andres are caught by some men who seem intent on hitting some club. Sonia decides that she needs a bit more time to think things over before committing and she boards the plane to smell.

On the flight, Sonia overhears conversations with other vacationers. One of them tells about a friend of hers named Ariel who lives in a villa on the Costa Blanca with a giant swimming pool. When Sonia expresses an interest in hitting the pool, Ariel offers to take her there with her on the next plane. Sonia accepts and boards the plane. Ariel's father then approaches her and asks her to meet him and his son at a restaurant on the Costa Blanca.

At the restaurant, she meets Andres, who introduces her to his father. The two talk for quite some time and when it is time to leave, Sonia gets a call from Ariel's father and boards the airplane. Once at the hotel, she realizes that Ariel's father has arranged for her to stay at a villa by the sea. In her excitement, Sonia goes straight to the villa. When she arrives, she sees that Ariel has been completely dressed up for a social party and is busy putting on make-up.

Later, at the party, Sonia watches as Ariel dances with some other girls while Andres and his father have a drink. As she sits nearby, she sees Andres run towards a group of children who are hanging out in the street. She then decides to follow them and spots a car with a hitch - a bicycle! When she goes inside the villa, she sees that Andres and his father are watching her.

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Duration: 85min

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