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The Many Saints of Newark

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The Many Saints of Newark is premiering on HBO Max today, having debuted at 3 a.m., ET/12 a.m., PT on Thursday, October 1st. There is a possibility that it may come out a bit later, as HBO Max typically does a Friday evening release for The Suicide Squad as well. The movie will likely debut in the New York area on Saturday, October 2nd. If you live in that part of the country, you'll want to start checking the New Jersey High Speed Railway to get a look at the train chase scene from the movie.

The movie is based on the book The Saints. While the book has some excellent fiction, it does tend to be a bit too far-fetched for my tastes (particularly in the last third). Still, the book is a fantastic story and based on true events. If you enjoy reading historical fiction, then this movie is a definite must-see!

The movie itself is directed by David Fincher (eds. Gone Girl, The Game) and starring Bill Murray. The book has many famous New Jersey locations, including the Seton Hotel and the Prudential Building. I have always liked the set design and location shots in the book, and while the movie does have some those same locations, it doesn't feel like they are as vividly depicted in the film as they were in the book. Still, the visual elements of the story work quite well in the V.R.

The movie features many familiar faces from the old New Jersey, such ashr Brody, Richard Castellano, Vincent Collaros, and Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer Aniston is absolutely great in the role of Mary Poppins, playing an original character for an exciting new era in prequels to the original Disney feature. The many new and interesting characters may earn the praise of moviegoers more than the plot, but the story itself is an exciting one that keeps the interest level of moviegoers high. It may earn rave reviews, but it will probably not become a big seller in the way Gone Girl did. The many Saints of Newark on the other hand, may become a bestseller on the strength of its buzz.

The book series itself begins with the rise of Ennis mob boss Peter Ferreto during Prohibition. Young John Martino finds work as a carpenter in New Jersey, where he meets women who share his passion for music. Eventually, they become The Many Saints of Newark as a secret group of mobsters known as the "Newtownettes". The mob boss sees their musical influence as a means of controlling the competition, and begins to form his own empire. In order to defeat his rival, John must learn to control his rage and use music to his benefit as well.

Although the book series isn't officially out yet, several bookstores have already began putting it out for sale. If you live in or near NYC, you might want to go and pick up a copy as soon as it's available. Even if you don't live in NYC, the book's sales should excite you enough to make you want to check out the movie itself. The trailers have been pretty good, though the main actors are still unknown. Who knows, they may decide to reprise their roles anytime soon.

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Genres: Crime , Drama

Duration: 120min

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