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The Last Mercenary

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The Last mercenary is a dramatic film based on the novel The Last Samurai written by Kiyosaki. The movie starts with the story of two young lovers who have been friends for as long as they can remember. One of them goes off to serve in the war and the other returns from the dead. He now has a daughter named Lee, whom he wants to protect from those who would kill her mother. He sends her away to live with her Aunt Mitsuo and Uncle Takamine. However, when Lee meets Mitsuo's deceased husband Shusui, she vows to find and kill him herself.

The movie slowly builds up momentum as it becomes apparent that Lee is the only one who can protect her friend and her family. She learns early on in the movie that she is the last mercenary available for hire to fight for the government against the terrorists. Early on during the movie, Jean Claude Lacoste (Michel Cheval), the director of The Last Samurai, is seen on TV news reporting the war. He urges the Japanese government not to use women as sex slaves and instead send them as special forces to fight the terrorists. His prediction is that if the Japanese government does not do this, there will be more terrorist attacks and more death and destruction of the Japanese people.

As the movie progresses, we learn that Lee is the latest and the best of the recruits sent by Jean Claude Lacoste to serve the government forces. Lee has a unique power to command respect and fear in a group of hardened terrorists. This is because he knows how to fight, and he knows how to win. The movie makes it clear throughout the movie that he is not just any type of man; he is the last skilled and trained secret agent alive. The Last Merciful is based on true events as it follows Jean Claude's real life experiences from his service in the military and his desire to help the Japanese government to fight against their enemies.

The movie starts as Jean Claude and his fellow agents are preparing for their first assignment as a team. They arrive at a farmhouse as darkness falls. Inside they find a young girl, cleaning up dead bodies with a large sword. The girl identifies herself as Lee and tells her father that she had been given the sword by her uncle.

As he guides Lee through the countryside, the young woman learns that she is the daughter of an important cabinet member. She is also the sister of a man with questionable motives, who is deeply involved in the shadowy world of covert operations. The story twists as the pair finds themselves in the center of a fierce and bloody battle with terrorists who are holding the lives of the Japanese prime minister and his entire cabinet. The Last Merciful features a gripping plot that draws heavily on current world events. Although the movie is based on real events, it is presented in a manner that will appeal to contemporary movie viewers.

Sporting excellent special effects, The Last mercenary is an exciting film that will make many an impression. With a gripping story and two absolutely amazing supporting actors (especially Sean Connery and James Bond villain Blofeld), The Last Merciful is an obvious choice to make if you are a fan of Sean Connery or Roger Moore. Moviegoer's everywhere will no doubt be buzzing with interest over the upcoming release of The Last Merciful! For more movie and TV reviews, please visit our main movie review page.

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Genres: Action , Comedy

Duration: 110min

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