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The Last Letter From Your Lover

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Based on a true story, The Last Letter from Your Love is a movie that depict what happens when two lovers want to express their love, but they are in a situation where words won't do. As soon as they realize that their feelings of love have not faded, they immediately start planning a spontaneous romantic getaway. With the help of a mutual friend, they begin to invite their friends along so that they can have a wonderful time together away from the distractions of their daily lives.

The movie portrays a beautiful relationship blooming out of love. It shows how even the most simple things become meaningful when it is shared between close friends. The characters in the movie also exhibit characteristics common among people who love each other, like compassion and hope for the best. Though The Last Letter from Your Love is a romantic comedy, it does not come off as overly-enthusiastic about relationships. Instead, the movie makes it clear that the main theme of the film is love itself.

Although it is obvious that both of the lovers in The Last Letter from Your Love enjoy spending time with each other, they do not act romantically until they are ready to do so. In fact, it is when they are out together that they really start getting into each other's company. However, their intentions are only just beginning. Once they get back together, they realize that they still have a lot of good days left in their lives. This movie urges couples to make the most of their love, instead of letting it go to waste, by expressing it every day through thoughtful and sincere words.

The movie starts out with Peter (James Belushi) and Angie (Dabney Coleman). Although both of them love each other, they have an argumentative relationship, mostly because of their different opinions on matters. They spend a large amount of their lives together, but with the arrival of every other person in their lives, they are forced to look at each other differently. This leads them to begin pursuing different interests, and soon, to fall in love with one another all over again. Because of their fast friendship, however, they soon find out that they have feelings for each other deeper than they ever thought possible. After exchanging the last letter from their love, the two of them become very close friends.

In this movie, you can clearly sense the writers' sincerity as they try to express their inner most thoughts about love and commitment. You can almost feel the heat rising up as the characters in this movie bicker and argue about everything. But their love never wavered, and in the end, they remained true to each other. The Last Letter from Your Love is a great movie download to watch, especially if you have loved movies for as long as I have. It is very rare to watch movies that make me feel this strongly about them.

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Genres: Drama , Romance

Duration: 110min

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