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The Kissing Booth 3

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What is it about The Kissing Booth that makes it worth watching with a loved one or friends? For many people the first sight of Brad Pitt walking across the haywire ramp leading to the kissing booth is enough to cheer them up. It might not be quite as effective if they had somehow managed to see it in some other context, say while visiting the studios themselves. But either way the sight of Mr. Pitt and Angelina Jolie in the infamous kissing booth will instantly transport anyone who watches it into a romantic reverie.

What Other Movies Will It Rekindle Your Sensibility: The Kissing Booth 3 could easily confuse those people who see it for the first time, thinking that perhaps they have seen all the romantic interludes in a Brad Pitt film before. But then again The Kissing Booth 3 could easily confuse everyone else, because after all this is a movie about two ageing supermodels whose star has just fallen out of fashion... In fact The Kissing Booth 3 could easily replace the failed Bring Back A Man Who Was Gone by reviving Angelina Jolie's much-ballyhooed role as herself, instead.

Themes and plotlines are easy to relate to - however the different elements in The Kissing Booth 3 make it their own, creating their own unique flavour. So why does the third installment in the lead actress-starring film series feel like such a fresh breath of air? Well, critics seem to agree that The Kissing Booth 3 feels almost like an extended sequel to the first two, which is hardly surprising given how successful the franchise has been thus far. However, writer/co-producer Lisa Chattison seems to have found a way to add a little more to the tale, effectively weaving in a fresh plotline, enhanced characterisation, and is providing some much needed spice to what has been one of the best films of the year so far.

It's understandable that a film like The Kissing Booth 3 would become such a success with both old and new fans of the original trilogy. The first two films in the trilogy were praised by critics and were even received well by audiences when they arrived on the big screen. And whilst there was little new for fans of the franchise to look forward to, the third film in the trilogy managed to create a whole new group of fans. Because whilst The Kissing Booth 3 didn't quite live up to the reception given to the original trilogy, it did at least feature a strong story, a great story line, and some of the best animation seen on television this season. The visual content, coupled with the story, managed to bring The Kissing Booth to a whole new level.

Fans of The Kissing Booth 3 are already expecting The Kissing Booth 3 movie release date to be met with mixed reviews. One such online article has already declared the film to be a "tribute to the best animated comedies of recent years". However, another article claims that the film is simply "not as good as the first two". The consensus seems to be that The Kissing Booth 3 is only going to confuse and tantalize film-goers who haven't had that much experience with watching Tim Burton's take on the franchise. Hopefully though, this third installment will be just as exciting as the other two and bring fans back again to see what happens.

It doesn't seem likely though that the third installment of the wildly popular The Kissing Booth will disappoint fans of the original trilogy. With the way that the plot of the film is evolved, it would be easy to think that the studio may have intentionally created a slower paced and character-driven film in order to give people more time to catch up on what has happened so far. That said, either way, it is looking as though we could be in for an amazing, long-awaited installment of one of the best animated comedies of all-time when The Kissing Booth 3 rolls around the theaters.

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Genres: Comedy , Romance

Duration: 112min

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