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The Harder They Fall

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The Harder They Fall is an animated science fiction film directed by Mike De Luca and written by him, featuring the voices of Alex Cross, Emmannuel Chriqi, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Christopher Walken, and Anne Mulleavy. Directed by Luca the first movie he directed after college graduation was called Toy Story. He then went on to work on animated films such as The Nightmare Before Christmas and Kung Mangai, which he wrote and produced along with animated feature The Crocodile Hunter. Since then he's gone on to produce a number of successful movies including the sci-fi classic Man on the Moon and the fantasy-thriller The Day the Earth Stood Still.

The Harder They Fall follows a young boy who lives a life of crime on the streets of Brazil under the protection of his friend and street hustler friend Rio (Efren Ramirez) who he learns sells marijuana. Rio is killed in a gunfight, and though the boy manages to get away he is pursued by three men he intends to kill: Vitorio Estanado (Dante Ferrin), Ramires da Costa (Adrianne Palermo), and Junior dos Santos (Bruno Bucciert). All four have reasons for wanting revenge on Rio and are willing to risk their lives to get it. But what turns the rivalry between the Brazilians against each other into a chase across continents that spans the length of the globe?

The Harder They Fall starts out as a fairly conventional crime story, one set in Brazil, with a series of murders that occur. The true nature of the plot is revealed when, halfway through the movie, Rio's killer brother returns, seeking revenge on the woman he thought killed him. Though killing a drug lord is considered justified, what happens to him and the other men he was working with is left somewhat ambiguous. This opens up the question of just why the other men decide to target Rio and specifically the motorcycle club where they all live.

The Harder They Fall revolves around the question of how much a family unit like the Estanados truly has to stand for. Considering the fact that most of the members are drug addicts or members of the Brazilian mafia, it seems as though a great deal of the movie is taken in order to answer that question. And while the answer isn't easy to come by, there are some rather amazing set pieces that really spice up the film and make it very entertaining. The use of a 1980s-inspired song and the surprising appearance of a cameo from Tupac Shakur (acted by his son) are two examples of how well the movie works at building tension and making the viewer want to know just what will happen.

The Harder They Fall follows the typical formula of a good crime thriller. An ex-cop is assigned to track down someone he regards as a major criminal, a tough ex-biker gang is fighting a war against the government, and old west criminals are fighting back against the law in ways they never did before. The storyline is what makes The Harder They Fall very entertaining. It's set in an interesting time and locale, it manages to combine the old west with the present day, and it revolves around some very standard, if slightly over the top, revenge stories.

The movie offers an excellent look into what life was like in the old west, when all of these men were still free to act as they wanted and when people didn't have to live in fear. The Harder They Fall doesn't try to change all of the old stereotypes about the old west - for instance, many don't realize that the majority of the ranchers in the film are actually slave owners, and that the whole business with the government and the criminals couldn't possibly work if everyone were actually just honest hard workers. Instead, the movie simply presents the true history of what happened during this crucial period in our nation's history. The movie doesn't try to glamorize the Old West - rather, it validates the role that America's founding fathers played in making the United States the unique and powerful entity that it is today.

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Genres: Western

Duration: 139min

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