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The Guide to the Perfect Family

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The Guide to the Perfect Famil is a DVD video produced by the French television station, Canal+. It features interviews with a variety of celebrities from all walks of life - from music superstars to family stars - in an effort to get kids to embrace the ideals of social media. The movie makes for an interesting behind the scenes glimpse at the business of celebrity stardom and uncovers some uncomfortable truths about how the public perceives these 'celebrities'.

The Guide to the Perfect Famil is a funny look at the inner workings of celebrity parenting, focusing on how children respond to their parents' social media influence. The movie's lead character, a YouTube star known as Maru, is an adorable and mischievous character who parodies modern parent figures like televised celebrity breastfeeding and the over-the-top parenting used in the TV sitcom 'Dad Versus Mom'. In one scene, Maru's mother (Linda Locanti) posts pictures of Maru on her blog; the next day, Maru goes on Twitter to discuss some of the food she's been blogging about. The Guide to the Perfect Famil follows the social media chatter that occurs between a teenage girl (Zooey Deschanel) and her mother, setting the tone for the coming film.

The Guide to the Perfect Famil follows a typical American parenting triangle, beginning with a mother (Diane Lane) who works long hours, neglecting to provide her daughter with a safe and fun environment. Her job entails a large amount of paperwork, which drives the overbearing mother completely insane. In addition to long hours at work, the overbearing mother preaches the virtues of self-discipline and a strong work ethic. The overprinting in the home gradually seeps into the rest of the family, leading to the inevitable: The parents are at odds about raising children.

The movie is very funny, even if the viewer doesn't realize it at first. It is entertaining to watch the dysfunctional family interact and fall in and out of love. But the true strength of the film is revealed when dad (French Burns) decides to take matters into his own hands, setting about a reign of terror in the home. Dad also uses a sadistic form of punishment: he makes his own overprotective rules, such as no television, no cell phones, and limited interaction between the children and him. The Guide to the Perfect Family is a hilarious movie that offers parents and kids a look at how too much structure can breed dissatisfaction and rebellion.

What isn't seen is the other side of parenting, which is that many parents actually find their parenting methods appealing. The Guide to the Perfect Famil shows that although the overprotective parent is very strict, he or she does make some good points. The movie would be more enjoyable if we were shown Dad's approach to dealing with sexual content in a home TV-MA system instead of Caroline's (Tina Majorino) snappy one-liners and sexual innuendo. Or if we saw the argument Caroline had with her brother (anomalous as it sounds). The Guide to the Perfect Family shows that although parents can be so consumed with their own anxieties that they end up being overprotective, it is worth putting up with to keep things working out nice.

In short, The Guide to the Perfect Family is more than a romantic comedy; it is a cautionary tale of the perils of too much structure in our lives. The movie is far from perfect, but Caroline keeps her stance on the subject until the very end. Even when the audience realizes that two parents have been running a sexual ring, she still believes that two parents are the perfect family, even though most of the time, two children watch their parents act like robots. A refreshing take on the perfect family, The Guide to the Perfect Famil is a good watch for those looking for a light-hearted romantic comedy with a dose of parental advisory.

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Genres: Comedy , Drama

Duration: 102min

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