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The Funeral Home

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The Funeral Home is a place where you can go if you need your funeral arrangements arranged for a loved one. The Funeral Home also arranges the transfer of body parts to the cemetery after death. It is usually a place where people go to finalise their dead friend or relative's funeral arrangements prior to the actual burial. The Funeral Home is run by licensed professionals who have a license to operate a business and follow various rules and regulations put in place by the Funeral Products Association.

The Funeral Home is run by Frank E. Campbell, who was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York City. The Funeral Home has four branches namely the East Coast Body Unit, which is based in Brooklyn, New York; the South Shore Body Unit which is based in Manhattan, New York and the Connecticut Funeral Home which are based in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The Funeral Home also deals with cremated remains and the following are its services: human remains recovery and cremation, terminal care preparation, memorial containers, cremation details and the Cremation Service. The Funeral Home can also arrange travel arrangements for the guest to attend the funeral service and deliver a eulogy in lieu of flowers. It is not obligatory that the guest should personally deliver a eulogy, but it is the custom in some cultures.

The Funeral Home can produce a memorial service book that can be given to the next of kin or family members. These books contain the basic information about the deceased, his birth date, his death date, the location of the funeral and other relevant details. The memorial book also contains the name of the Funeral Home and the phone number. In some cases, where cremation is not possible, the book can be filled up with the cremated remains of the deceased. It is the funeral home's responsibility to transport the caskets of the deceased to the cemetery.

The Funeral Director will give a program to the guest on arrival, informing them of the time and place of the viewing. Many funeral homes offer this same service at the time of the viewing, or at least a few hours before the actual funeral service. The program can contain a few sentences about the deceased's life and how he lived his life, perhaps a small obituary if there was one, and if there was a funeral service it would be listed there as well.

The Funeral Home can prepare the permanent outside container for the body or have it ready at the time the guest arrives. The container can be used for storage of the deceased's personal effects, such as clothing and jewelries until the time of the funeral service. If there are photos or memorabilia inside the permanent outside container it should be copied or else a memorial photo album can be prepared for the funeral director to store the items in. The funeral home will contact the mortuaries for a duplicate of the permanent outside container. Then the body is removed from the morgue, dressed for the viewing and transferred to the permanent outside container.

The embalming process begins several hours before the actual viewing. An embalming doctor will give the OK and the embalmers will apply embalming solution, which is generally made with local anesthesia, to the inside of the remains. The embalmers will cover the entire inside of the remains with plastic sheeting. A cloth sealant is then applied over the plastic sheeting to secure it. After this is done the remains are cleaned and any necrotic tissue or bone fragments are removed. Finally, the remains are placed in a hearse and taken to the mortuary for the funeral service.

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Genres: Comedy , Horror

Duration: 86min

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