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The Dig

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The Dig is an intriguing 21st century British drama movie directed by Simon Stone, loosely based on the book of the same title by John Preston. It stars Ralph Fiennes, Carey Mulligan, Lily James, Johnny Depp, Ben Chaplin, and Ken Stott. The movie chronicles the efforts of archaeologist (Ben Chaplin) Neilson who is dispatched by the government to dig at a remote site where a digger (Lily James) is missing. The government knows that the dig is to unearth a secret archaeological site of great importance, but are there any unforeseen risks?

The movie alternates between modern day York and much of the time the digs take place in ancient digs conducted by the Romans. The dig site is situated in what is known as the Nile Valley and is thought to be the actual location where King Tutankhamun was buried. The movie begins in modern day York and follows the dig around to the site of the burial. Near the end the movie switches to a modern day reconstruction of Tutankhamun's tomb at the site.

The diggers are led into the burial chamber by Inspector Lefer (Carey Mulligan). They are told that this is a dangerous site and that no one is allowed to enter without special security clearance. The first thing that occurs is the discovery of an amulet belonging to Tutankhamun, that has magical powers. With help from a monk (Ralph Fiennes), they learn that it can release a powerful force capable of destroying anything and everything in its path. With this powerful artifact and some local Egyptologists, the team is able to protect the site from any damage.

Once the dust clears, the team finds that they have unearthed an enormous ancient tomb. The team is lead to the chambers where Tutankhamun was buried but are stopped short by a massive stone door which seems to be locked from the outside. At this point, they realize that whoever is behind the security door is controlling the site.

The next stop is the Valley of the Kings, an ancient Egyptian royal burial site. Here they find the remains of King Tutankhamun and his entire entourage. The embalmed Tutankhamun is revealed to be the leader of the Egyptian pharaohs and they learn that he ordered the construction of the monument himself. Inside the burial chamber, they discover Tutankhamun's sister and his wife. Cleopatra is also present and shows them the way to King Tutankhamun's funeral chamber.

The movie ends with Cleopatra flying through the parting door. The credits run down along with the movie listing the film's various actors. The visual images are breathtaking and the acting is quite good throughout. Overall, the movie is entertaining and educational at the same time. Movie lovers who love to see historical figures depicted accurately in movies should definitely check out King Tut.

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Genres: Drama , History

Duration: 112min

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