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The Deep House

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The Deep House, a feature documentary about the working conditions inside of prisons in Japan, is headed for a major digital movie release in the U.S. Directed by award-winning director Kiyoshi Takahashi, The Deep House will be shown on Netflix beginning November 5, inclusive of a two-week theatrical run beginning in New York and Los Angeles. The cast includes Masashi Okamoto, Hiroyuki Sanada, Megumi Matsubara, Yuichiro Nagashima, Takeshi Maiko, Takuya Kimura, Hidenori Kitsuka, Koji Ueda, and Junichiro Yamada. The Japanese-American film tells the story of convicted felons who were moved from prisons in Japan's prisons to an overcrowded house in the city. The inmates included the likes of high school dropouts, former convicts, women offenders, and others. The film portrays their trials and triumphs as well as the personal and professional struggles of each convict during their time in the facility.

The movie begins with an elaborate and visually stunning underwater sequence. The Deep House sets are based on real locations at a medium-security prison in Japan. The prison facility is also the home of The Deep House gang and a place where they meet regularly to execute their nefarious schemes. The late Masashi Okamoto is the main investigator and also the husband of Megumi Matsubara. The two had previously worked together in the police force and Megumi had been on a special detail before her death. Okamoto had also been investigating the case of serial killer Masahiro Takahashi, who was tried and executed in 2021.

The film then follows the investigative work of the newly-retired police detective Masashi Okada while he is assigned to the case. With the help of Megumi, Okada is able to gather solid evidence that connects one man to a series of gruesome murders committed by the Deep House gang. Meanwhile, in another sequence, a freelance photographer witnesses the murder of another man. The man's body is found with a note attached which reads, "This is your final test. Fail me...and you will never see my face again."

Masashi Okada then joins up with Megumi and the three of them become members of The Deep House gang once more. The series then takes place inside the prison where the investigation leads them to another member of the gang. A mysterious female inmate tells them of a room in the facility called the "Parasol Room." Inside the room is a woman who is being held prisoner and appears to be suffering physical abuse.

This section of the film is when the true theme of the story begins to be revealed. Masashi and Megumi are now ghost hunters and have been hired by The Deep House to look for paranormal activity in the hope that they will be able to help the recently-resolved case of Masahiro Takahashi. The investigation turns out to be successful and The Deep House gang is able to save the victim and stop the killer from hurting anyone else ever again. The movie ends with the trio going back to their underwater haunted house where they continue to investigate the paranormal activities.

Although The Deep House was well-received critically and commercially, it did not receive the status of a cult classic. However, this is a horror film that any fan of the genre will enjoy. It is worth watching just for the thrilling moments when the other characters go to the theatre expecting to see a horror movie and get a thrilling ending instead. With some superb special effects, an original storyline and well-acted performances, The Deep House does have that little bit of originality that makes any horror film enjoyable.

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Genres: Horror

Duration: 85min

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