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The Courier

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"Courier" (based on the book by Ken Follett) is a fascinating film that tells the untold story of how a small group of men, working for a tiny New York courier company, are swept up during World War II to the Isle of Man. Escaping death, intrigue, and betrayal, they become key players in the secret war that fought against Hitler. Although some of the events in the film are exaggerated, especially those in the final scene, "Courier" tells the true story of how ordinary people, from everyday New York citizens to secret agents, played a vital role in the destruction of the German planes. The film (which also starred Bruce Willis and Steve McQueen) did receive mixed reviews upon its release, but those who saw it generally loved the film. Not only did the film succeed in bringing world famous actors to the screen (including Steve McQueen and James Bond), but it also managed to create a long-standing legacy of award-winning films that would go on to feature in nearly every major genre of cinema for decades to come.

The movie begins with Alex (Barry Nelson) a retired US Air Force helicopter pilot flying a Consolidated DC-3. Retired without a flying license, he has taken on a second job as a private detective, tracking down someone he believes is involved in the theft of a nuclear suitcase. The only problem is, there is no real way to track down this person. The Courier Company, which owns and operates several courier services in New York, does not have any record of this person.

However, when a courier service employee named Frank (James Belushi) receives a tip from a friend that says there may be a connection between the incident and a Soviet spy ship docked in the New York harbor, Frank decides to investigate. Arriving at the spy ship, he finds several crates on the vessel with a large amount of cash inside. Apparently, this is the money used by the mastermind behind the theft to purchase nukes for theiferationist regime in Iran. While the whole thing is unfolding, Frank is getting more frustrated with the slow speeds of the courier services and decides that he needs to build a bigger system to track people by e-commerce details.

Based on the novel The Courier, online courier services were born. The first companies offering online tracking to courier customers were Equifax, Earthlink and TransUnion. Now, several other online courier companies offer their own proprietary software to online customers. Using a combination of software and GPS tracking, these online courier services allow customers to view the location of their parcels or trucks. They can also track their packages using a map of the recipient area. Most of these services are available worldwide, but a few do operate only within certain countries.

One of the most popular features of courier software these days is the ability to monitor and trace shipments online. Freight forwarders have been forced to implement this service as much as possible as the demand for faster delivery services has skyrocketed. Most courier services will now provide tracking of shipments to both customers and shippers. Courier software allows shippers to track their shipment progress and find out if the package is being delivered on time.

Tracking your shipments using GPS, radio waves, or through a computer program is useful because it allows couriers to respond quickly to emergency situations, such as package recoveries. Also, tracking can help you keep track of your shipments and improve management of your logistics. By allowing customers to see when packages are being collected, and when they're being delivered, courier companies are taking a great step toward improving customer service and streamlining operations. In essence, tracking helps customers better manage their courier service by giving them more control.

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Genres: Drama , History , Thriller

Duration: 112min

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