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The Banishing

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In The Banishing, the collective impact is one of real fear. The film isn't set specifically in England during the anxiety-routine pre-World War II times. The movie is instead put in a very tense and terrifying environment, one that places a great deal of emphasis on the menace that lurks in the shadows and across the countryside. The setting is a post-war England, where ordinary people have to survive against an unseen threat.

Sarah Cheney plays the lead role in The Banishing. Her presence is very formidable in this film as she wields her sensual beauty and mysterious powers against an army of cannibals bent on ridding the English population of those they deem unruly and evil. This group of antagonists is led by the unforgettable portrayal of the evil Dr. Eleanor Rigby (Annabel Winslow) who works with a laboratory created from a mixture of human tissue and animal organs in order to create a serum that will cause those who are infected with a deadly virus to succumb to death. The results of the serum go terribly wrong however and when the virus infects its host, it creates a chain reaction that brings about the complete breakdown of the British social structure.

The central conflict within The Banishing revolves around the question of how a community that has been purified can fall back into its old ways and commit unspeakable acts of terror once again. The initial threat is posed by the Reverend Ambrose (Jude Law) who becomes obsessed with finding the lost purity ring. The ring itself has magical powers and is said to be capable of stopping any kind of misfortune from happening. However, after an unsuccessful search through the countryside, the reverend sets out to the centre of England, hoping to find the whereabouts of the ring. Along the way he comes across a series of gruesome and shocking events that force him to confront his own failure and the dark secrets that may lie behind the tragic events.

With an impressive opening sequence set inside a Rectory on the outskirts of London, the film gradually segues towards the horrific events that unfold in and around the old mansion. A series of strange and chilling deaths takes place over the course of the first half of the film and the viewer becomes gradually more fearful of what he is seeing. Eventually the story comes to a head when a small girl named Anya Mckenna-brine arrives in the rectory to inform the congregation of the horrible events that have just befallen the town and that the reverend is involved in them. The film cuts away to the devastated home of the reverend where anya lies dying from a bullet wound she received during the gun attack. The sight of the grieving Anya driving in the ambulance only adds to the suspense as the viewer awaits the terrible outcome of the events that unfold before them.

The second half of The Banishing involves the investigation of the mysterious poisoning that killed any number of people including the entire bereaved family, the police station clerk who discovered the body and the entire force who were on duty that day. Although some of the events in the film take a little bit too much time, none of them are overly drawn out. Instead, director David Fincher uses the slow pace to build up the tension and lays the groundwork for some of the most intense scenes in the movie. Eventually the mystery behind the entire plague that was floating around England during the second world war is revealed and this leads to the entire plot unraveling before our eyes.

The Banishing of Mr. Lawrence is one of the best horror films I have ever seen. Not only does it effectively tell the story of a tragic death, but also it manages to create an atmosphere that is truly unnerving. The characters used in the film, particularly the heroine Anya Mackenna-brine, are easily the most terrifying aspect of The Banishing of Mr. Lawrence. If you want to see the best movie about hauntings and the supernatural that you have ever seen, then make sure that you check out The Banishing of Mr. Lawrence.

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Genres: Horror

Duration: 97min

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