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A Spanish-language horror film, Tarumama is about a family that experiences a marital crisis. It begins with a family vacation to the woods, where Sara and Oscar go to search for a lost child. A spectral figure soon appears, crying for a baby, and the couple must fight to stay together. The eerie and harrowing atmosphere soon turns into a terrifying nightmare, as the couple's feelings for each other and their daughter begin to deteriorate.

The story begins in Colombia, where a private investigator is hired by the colony's creator to bring his daughter home. However, as the blackmailer is murdered, Sara becomes a prime suspect. After discovering that her husband has led a double life, she agrees to pay off the extortionist in order to bring her daughter home. The investigation reveals that the shady character has been stalking her and she is accused of murder.

Despite its spooky undertones, the film soon loses its dramatic arc and becomes a horror movie rather than a genuinely eerie drama. While the film's premise is noble, its lack of horror elements and slow pace make the movie feel a little lackluster. In addition, it never makes its point as a social commentary. While it's not a terrible film, it does not impress, and inevitably falls flat after its first act.

While many horror movies can be deemed 'evil,' this film combines real-world elements with supernatural ones. As a result, it feels human rather than spooky. Unlike many other horror films, this one is a twisted tale about a disjointed family that goes on vacation. It's also a deeply moving story about relationships and grief. Ultimately, it's a thrilling and engrossing thriller.

A film about a family's grief can be very moving, and Tarumama is no exception. Its star, Andres Londono, was also a guest on Fear the Walking Dead. The movie is a slow-burning study of a family's implosion and is based in the mountains of Colombia. It features a cryptic'spooky' character, who has mule-like feet and a large breast.

The movie was originally scheduled for a 2020 premiere, but the filming process was halted during COVID-19, which slowed filming and frozen post-production. After recovering from the COVID-related disruption, Cine Colombia will release the film domestically and internationally next year. If you're looking for a quality movie to watch, Tarumama is definitely a good choice. The cast and crew are all well-known, and the production is guaranteed to be a hit.

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