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Sweet Girl

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An innocent girl is brutally murdered by an angry mob and her death haunts him. A disturbed young man vows to exact justice on those responsible for the death of his beloved wife - his daughter. He dials a nearby motel just as the police are about to bust a burglary at which he had just joined the group. The mob kills him right there in front of his grieving father.

To complicate matters, a week after his death, his body is discovered on the street near a dumpster piled with stolen goods. A hit man from the neighborhood picks up his body and drives it to his hideout. From there, he plans to have someone committed and then kill his sweet girl to get at the inheritance. His plan goes bad when he realizes that his intended victim was actually his own sister. The sweet girl tells her parents who come to know of her brother's dire situation and alert the authorities. Things go from bad to worse as the killer is arrested and the police become involved in the case.

Five years later, six months after the murder, another identical sweet girl is found dead in the same dumpster. This time, the body is badly decomposed. Police detectives trace the death to the same hitman from the previous incident. Their investigations reveal that the woman was not the intended victim. However, this hitman has escaped from his life and eludes the police and their efforts to catch him.

Five years later, a pregnant woman is brutally murdered in her home by a masked burglar. Neighbors hear the noise and check in on the comings and go to the house to find the badly decomposed body of the sweet taken away in a garbage bag. The police discover the hitman and he is taken into custody. With the confession of the culprit, the sweet is revealed and he is hanged on the third anniversary of his wedding to the young woman.

Six months later, the sweet girl returns home. She discovers that the house is gone and the phone bill shows no outgoing calls. However, she sees a note in the book marked "to be paid". The owner of the pharmaceutical company is named Isabela Merced and she tells her family about a drug called Helix.

In the movie, the story line is expanded upon and the characters are drawn more realistically. Isabela is a single mother who has to support her two children and work at a pharmaceutical company while her husband works as a supervisor. Her daughter Alice is about to start college and her mother makes plans to visit her and talk to her about her future. It is a touching story of loss and longing, even if it isn't told with romance and embellishments, the movie feels like an honest depiction of the difficulty most single moms face.

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Genres: Action

Duration: 110min

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