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Spirit Untamed

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With Spirit Untamed, the animated film based on the very popular animated series (Spirit Riding Free), from the producers of The Nightmare Before Christmas, comes full circle. Just like the first movie in the series, Spirit Untamed follows the story of a young woman, Evelyn, who lives in a peaceful town. She is an abused victim of the mafia that operates in her town and she longs to find peace in her life again. The story starts when she meets a man named Gabriel, who also lives in the town and the two become friends.

The movie has received mostly positive reviews so far, but does it live up to the expectations? Many people have mentioned that Spirit Untamed is not as funny as the TV series and some people have mentioned that it is just a commercial for Disney. However, I can see where they're coming from because the movie is very different from the TV series. Spirit Untamed is a spiritual film and it definitely takes it in the direction that the Spirit Riders takes. There are a lot more comical sequences than in the TV series.

Spirit Untamed is available to stream online, so you won't have to pay for it like you would with the DVD or the Bluray releases. If you are looking for a cheap Spirit Rider themed gift, you can always grab Spirit Untamed on Amazon or Netflix. It will cost around $10 and it should be easy to find if you watch TV online. The downside is that there isn't a physical book to read, so you'll need to use your digital reader in order to enjoy the story in audio format. If you want to read the story from start to finish, I recommend that you watch the Spirit Riders online first so that you get a better understanding of how everything happens.

With the Spirit Untamed film out on DVD and the upcoming sequel Spirit Untamed 2 on Blu-ray, it would make sense that there will be many more movies involving the Spirit Riders. Jake Gyllenhaal plays Dusty in the second film and is joined by Michael Rose and Eoin Micheals. The leads in both movies are very charming and their roles couldn't be more dissimilar. They will both add charm to the franchise, hopefully resulting in a successful future sequel.

On the other hand, the second movie in Spirit Untamed is going to be a bit less exciting because it is based upon the main storyline from the first film. That means there is only a twenty-minute prologue before the actual story begins. That means you have to wait until the first Spirit Rider movie has air-brushed its way onto your television screen before you can watch the Spirit Untamed sequel. However, if you love the first film and want to see what all the fuss is about then this is definitely an improvement over the first and it is well worth the wait for the second installment of the Spirit Riders.

If you really love the original movie then Spirit Untamed should be on your viewing list. However, if you have not yet seen the first film, Spirit Untamed is definitely worth watching as a streaming video. There are several quality trailers for Spirit Untamed available on YouTube and several high quality photos as well. It certainly looks like something interesting is on the way and with the new casting, I can't wait to see it when it finally drops. So long, and thanks for watching.

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