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Space Sweepers

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In an upcoming movie Space Sweepers, a new team of NASA astronauts is formed. The only female on the crew, Kate O'Neil (Anne Hathaway), is selected for a special assignment to rescue a stranded passenger from a crashed US space Shuttle. Once snatching away a space shuttle from behind the debris field, the crew of Spaceship Victory's team discover a 7-year-old girl within. They realize that she is the new humanoid robot wanted by UTS Space Guards, so they decide to demand a large ransom from her captors. In doing so, they risk their lives as well!

Space Sweepers centers on the life of this young girl, who finds herself adrift in space. The only communication she has with her family is by radio. This signals the existence of other, more sophisticated, life-forms on Mars. When Kate finally makes contact with them, it is just before midnight, and she is alone. This being the case, her robotic assistant, EVA, is by her own admission, the first living robot on Mars.

This film is the third installment of a trilogy, which makes sense considering the source material. The first film established the basic premise of the series, while the second saw the introduction of the new characters. In this film, though, Kate andEVA are no longer alone in their quest to rescue the stranded humans. They have been joined by some newly developed robotic creatures, including an android and a robo-warmer.

One interesting aspect of Space Sweepers is the character ofEVA, who is a female android like the original UNSC commando. She is the one who contacts Kate and performs many of her duties in the film. Her role was originally intended for the female character of the same name in the novel 21st Century Man.

However, it was not enough to satisfy fans of science fiction and fantasy. Some complained that the film's robot fights were too one-sided and occasionally dangerous to the point of being cartoonish. Also, they felt that the characters' outfits were far from lifelike. Costume designer Jennifer Doyle pointed out that although the designs of the costumes were based on previous M.A.S.C. pictures, the designs in the film were actually taken directly from the drawings of the robot engineers.

Space Sweepers was released in theaters on August 21st, 2021. Movie lovers who loved the novel and watching the series beforehand would surely have a great time with this new release. It only cost about two hundred and forty-five dollars to make, which is not bad by the standards. For a sci-fi lover, it is definitely a definite must-see movie. Plus, it has some beautiful visual effects and a great score to match!

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