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Space Jam: A New Legacy

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We are mere days away from the release of the eagerly awaited movie; Space Jam. The internet is absolutely swamped with all kinds of information, including the cast and characters of Space Jam: A New Legacy. With all the buzz, who can really say what Space Jam: A New Legacy holds? Hopefully, after reading this Space Jam: A New Legacy review, your confusion will have been lessened.

Based off of the successful arcade game of the same title, Space Jam: A New Legacy is the prequel to the original Space Jam. Though it may be a prequel in the true sense of the word, the movie itself is still a big summer hit. It arrives in theaters just ahead of the Golden Globe Awards, and is expected to be one of the best selling movies during its first or second week of release. That much was clear when studio analysts shared their January 2021 forecast for the box office; they were looking at an opening weekend of more than $80 million, easily making it the highest opening weekend for a movie never released in front of the general public.

But then, the question becomes "What's so great about Space Jam: A New Legacy"? Well, the answer is simple: everything. Remember how great the first film was, how the cast and director made full use of the possibilities provided by technology? They created an online, cartoon-styled video game, which tells the story of an NBA team trying to qualify for the Olympics. And that's not all...the film also features an all-star lineup of celebrities, including sports figures, musical talents and others.

So then, what is so unique about Space Jam: A New Legacy? To start with, it's got the benefit of a brilliant voice-over performance by Bradley Cooper (of Wall Street) as lead character Michael Jordan. The animated character is voiced by original character singer Janet Jackson, who did a great voice-over job on the first film. It turns out that she and her son have a great connection, and they decided to lend their voices to the animated character of Michael Jordan. Not only does the film feature some of the best animated sequences ever created, it also features the voices of many notable, long-running characters from the series such as Michael B. Jordan (of the Bulls), Mark Wahlberg (of the Penguins), and Tim Geith (of the Lizards).

But perhaps the greatest strength of the film comes from its subject matter. This is an important point: the original Space Jam was about a pair of basketball rivals who wanted to win the championship for the whole nation. However, in the follow-up film, the rivalry is slightly diluted to deal with more personal problems between Michael and his mother. Instead of having Michael's mom continually talk bad about him during games, the filmmakers decided to have her do so only when Michael is being tested, and when he is not supposed to be. This subtle change makes the viewer care less for Michael because his mother's opinions matter less. It also helps the film builds up its characters; instead of Michael and his teammates working together simply to win, they work together to solve problems and to really feel a sense of family.

Space Jam: A New Legacy is an exciting film from the late 1990s. Although it is very different in nature from the original Space Jam, it still features some of the same elements that made the earlier film so successful. The animation is still excellent, especially the special effects and the great choreographed moves between Michael and his competitors. The visual elements are great as well, especially the explosions at the beginning of the movie. All in all, this is one trailer that should be watched by everyone.

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