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Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins

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Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins is an online video game based on the popular animated series of the same name. The G.I Joe franchise has grown over the years to become very popular and the newest cartoon in the series is no exception. The game is produced by Vicarious Interactive and published by Electronic Arts. It is scheduled for release on several gaming platforms, including Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, Wii Shop Channel, and Sony PlayStation Network.

The story of Snake-Eyes began twenty-five years ago, when U.S. Special Forces were called in to take out a terrorist cell that was planning to attack an American base. Once inside the compound, they discovered several deceased terrorists, who suddenly possessed extremely sharp snake-eye vision. These vision allowed them to escape from the area while U.S. soldiers were still searching for the terrorists. Their leader was shot and later died of as a result of being taken out from behind an explosion.

After this, a mysterious stranger arrives on the scene claiming to be an ally of the United States Special Forces. The Cobra Unit, composed of Cobra operators that had been brought together by their mentor, absorbs the strength of all its members until a huge force called the Cobra Force appears and takes command of the Cobra Unit. With the help of Joe (voiced by Eric Bana), an ordinary man who can control his mind and body, the unit takes on the Cobra members. Cobra Joe, is under the command of General Ripper (voiced by Kevin Dunn) strives to defeat Cobra with the help of his newly developed cobra snake eyes.

A lot of changes happen to the world of G.I. Joe during the second half of the first season. One of these is the introduction of a new main character, a young American woman by the name of Nell Tiger Lily (voiced by Julia Ormond). Though Nell is initially part of the Cobra family, she is thrown into Joe's unit after he finds out that she has the power to command snakes. A relationship begins between her and Ripper, though their bond is rocky and their goals conflicting. Later on, though her life is threatened by a member of the Cobra clan master of nanotechnology (John Stockton), Nell is able to turn herself in to a Cobra Unit operative and help her clan master Ripper.

The series' plot revolves around a secret mission where Nell goes missing and it is discovered that the Cobra clan is holding a huge treasure that is only accessible if Nell becomes their next heir apparent. She does this by agreeing to marry a Cobra agent named Arashikage (Karen Allen), though at the wedding she discovers that the marriage was arranged by Ripper. The two are then forced to work together to find a way for the gold they have stolen to be returned and to protect the new identity of Nell, while also working to uncover the true reason for her father's death.

With an all new creative team behind the production, it is quite possible that G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes could end up being a big hit like Black Death. What do you think? Will you go see Snake Eyes 3? Are you excited for more of the G.I. Joe world or are you more than happy to see where the story is heading? All we know is, Joe and his allies are once again asking to save the world with some great new additions this time around!

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Genres: Action , Adventure

Duration: 121min

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