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Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

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Winner of four Academy Awards including Best Picture, The Legend of Thais is one of those rare Hollywood movies that leaves you breathless once it has ended. And with the passing of time, the more I see the movie, the more I am enthralled with it. Directed by Ang Lee, The Legend of Thais is based on the true story of Thai Martial Arts master Yip Man. In fact, the movie even includes a segment which is dedicated to Yip Man and the importance of his contributions to the world of martial arts. Yes, there have been many martial artists who have made movies with the same genre as this but none have come close to the superb quality and unique style of Yip Man. No wonder why he has become one of the most popular and respected martial arts stars in the world today.

Based on true events, The Legend of Shang-Chi and the Legend of Thais are a film that requires a bit of an introduction before it delights its audience's full of adventure and fun. After all, it does not take long for the average person to lose their mind while watching a movie, let alone a movie about Martial Arts. The movie starts like any other movie where an agent (Kerry Evans) contacts Yip Man (angles man) to act as a secret shopper for him. The only catch is that Yip Man is busy preparing for a tournament that will crown a new kung fu superstar. But this is not what the agent is concerned about.

As a martial artist, Yip is all about learning new things and perfecting old techniques. As he puts in all the effort to accomplish this, he also attracts some trouble along the way, be it from the local government or from his own classmates. But these experiences do not faze Yip Man. He is able to learn from his mistakes and move on. One of the things that I liked about the movie is that, unlike many animated movies, the choreography is more graceful and flowing throughout the movie.

This is one of the best animated movie martial arts movies ever. Forget about the kung fu movies that have run dry with recent installments. This one has enough content to entertain an entire family. It has great martial arts battles that get your blood pumping and some hilarious one liners that only kids will relate to. The fighting scenes are real and believable and, best of all, the story is entertaining and thought provoking.

To date, Shang-Chi and the Legend of Thorns are one of the highest grossing Chinese films ever released. It spawned its own sequel titled Kung Fu: Kharma. Although both are terrific films, I prefer Kung Fu: Kharma. However, the original is available to watch on DVD. You can also buy the movie online if you are looking for the original release. If you are familiar with the cartoon, this one is not exactly a surprise.

The Legend of Shang-Chi is one of those rare finds. It doesn't have the big name producers that most western movies enjoy. However, it is a fantastic movie and worth your time. If you like martial arts movies, then this one has to be watched.

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Genres: Action , Adventure , Fantasy

Duration: 132min

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