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Shadow in the Cloud

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"Shadow In the Cloud" is an award winning movie directed by Guy Ritchie and starring Tommy Lee Jones. The movie is a futuristic film set in California during the late sixties. The plot revolves around a drug lord who is addicted to a powerful substance called "Amnesia" and has begun to disappear from the public eye.

The movie starts with the bad guy kidnapping a woman and taking over her family. She then calls the local police and the chase goes on for several blocks. The movie then cuts to several years later and several years after that, as the main character, played by Tommy Lee Jones, returns home to find out that his wife has taken their two children on vacation to a remote island in California. On the way there, they are attacked by a band of kidnappers. The police discover that the children have been taken on board their ship and taken to the "Cloud".

The ship has been hijacked and the remaining crew are either killed or forced to work for the captivating master criminal. Several years later, the main character again returns and this time he plans to take over the entire family again. This time he sends his wife to be left alone while he takes care of the kids. She is reluctant to go along with him but when she agrees, he seduces her and the two of them fall in love.

After some time, the evil captivating villain contacts the good family and threatens them unless their daughter agrees to marry him. Their daughter refuses and then Shadow kills her lover. After this, the movie ends with the evil captivating villain sending his henchman to steal the family's car while the family is at a beach. The children get out of the car and watch it being stolen while they spot their mother's body lying dead on the ground.

Based on the novels by Neil Gaiman, this movie is another installment in his wonderful British television series, featuring in this movie is a new sidekick for the main character, named Alex Cross, played by Aidan Gillen. The movie also has a number of popular supporting characters like Vickers, an immortal who is played by Dawn French, another young woman who works at a photo lab; Dave Stutler, an American soldier turned into a vampire; a couple of teenagers named Lane and Willow; and of course the always mysterious Mr. X. The movie also features the wonderful Lily Collins who plays the role of Allison Greene, a journalist covering the story of the good guys against the bad guys. This is also one of the most recent incarnations of the comic book character, which makes fans of the comic book series very happy. The film is scheduled to premiere on November 13th, 2021.

Another amazing Marvel movie that is available on Blu-ray discs is Ghost in the Shell. This is a spinoff of the successful anime series Ghost in the Shell, and is directed by Shinji Yamamoto. It is set several decades after the events of the original manga series, and stars Jennifer Lawrence as the lead character, Brie Larson as the daughter of a prominent FBI agent, and Will Smith as a young man with a desire to join her.

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Genres: Action , Horror , War

Duration: 83min

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