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"Separation" is one of Graham Greene's late novels. It was first published in 1928 and has been on every best-seller list since then. The book is about a young man, Jasper Johns, who returns from the war with a broken arm. He is told that he has to leave England to take care of his ailing mother who has taken to cold and neglect. When he boards a ship for India, however, he meets his childhood sweetheart, Julia, and they are reunited.

The novel is extremely eerie as it tells the story of a young man growing up during the time of the Ripper murders in London. It describes a society where everyone is scared of the darkness and everyone hides from the monster that roams the streets. The young man, Jasper, finally decides to outcast himself from the world and never return to England. He takes a short term leave of absence to India where he meets his childhood sweetheart, Julia, and falls in love.

At the end of the novel, when the story turns to adulthood and Julia is married, Julia is pregnant and the author includes a short prologue describing how their relationship develops. The prologue mentions how Julia was introduced to the Ripper by her stepfather, George. Shortly after this introduction, Julia is seen boarding the passenger liner that will take them to India where she falls in love with a fellow passenger, Peter Thomas, and chooses to elope.

After the brief prologue, Separation follows the plot of how they become separated from each other while traveling on an ocean liner. Julia and Peter spend the better part of the trip getting drunk and throwing away each other's belongings. Eventually, they manage to hold up their marriage, but Julia is still deeply in love with George who has remained faithful to her throughout their marriage. As the ship sails towards its port, George begins to contemplate leaving Julia and taking care of his own life. At this point in the story, Separation becomes a murder mystery as George kills his own wife and tries to get off the sinking liner.

When the movie starts up, we see that George and Julia have just had their second child, Brice. The two are trying to cope with the guilt of their previous actions which leads to a spat between them. At this point in the story, Becasepathy is introduced as the theater manager and we learn that her past experiences in theater have left her with a dark cloud over her head. This is when we begin to learn about the tragic story of Separation and how it relates to the theme of bereavement.

This movie isn't for the children only as there is some great acting in Separation. There were also some interesting plot twists which kept me interested in the overall story. If you want to delve into the world of William Shakespeare and start having some fun with his dramas then Separation is a good place to start.

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Genres: Horror

Duration: 107min

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