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If you watch Seabiscuit, you know what a hit it is. Seabiscuit is a very cute, little dog from the new Seabiscuit movie. She is a part of the human expedition in search for the missing captain in the sea. While searching for him, the whole group encounters many aquatic creatures. One of these is a sting ray, and that is what leads Seabiscuit to be the most popular underwater movie star right now.

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Seabiscuit is the second Korean movie to reach the number one slot at the Korean box office this year. This movie has been released on April 21st, and it will surely become a hit in the world of streaming media. It's not only the plot and the performances that have made this movie a success, but it's also the funny and cute storyline. Other than that, you can count on this movie to be the next Korean sensation, and is expected to be the number one film in its genre this year.

The movie has a very unique plot - a human clone of Bo-gae, who was left on earth because of a viral outbreak. Seobok Gecko was looking for a place to go after escaping from Earth and eventually ends up crash landing on a remote island, where he met his terrible master, who plans to clone him and sell him into slavery to Bo-gae's mate. When Seabiscuit finds out that his master plans to clone him, he teams up with the resistance group "Leo's army" to help them in their battle against the Dragoons.

In this movie, we also get to meet our favorite lead characters, namely Seabiscuit (Koreans: Seo-byeol), Foong-hoon (Korean: Foor-ho), and Lee-yong (Koreans: Je-yong), who were joined by a Chinese warrior-king named Ryang-ho. While travelling with them, Foong-hoon is suddenly bitten by a gecko and is transformed into a powerful, seven-clawed warrior-king. In order to protect the humans, the army of the Dragoons is constantly searching for a place where Seabiscuit can be captured so they can use him for research. Meanwhile, Lee-yong and the humans find themselves stranded on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, and a fierce war breaks out between the two armies.

In the climax of the movie, Seabiscuit's fellow intelligence agent, Cho-youn, tries to convince Seabiscuit to let go of his mission so he can get back home, but Seabiscuit ignores him. Instead, he sneaks back to the camp and captures the others' target, a Chinese dissenter who was sent there as a spy. As punishment for his crime, the Chinese are transformed into creatures called "ghouls" who terrorize the world. Meanwhile, the US soldiers and the other survivors of the camp are transformed into monsters, while Seabiscuit remains a monster himself. The end of the movie presents us with a strong conclusion as the evil Dragoons continue their attack on Earth while Seabiscuit and the others seek retribution.

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