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Secret Magic Control Agency

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Based on the true story of a young girl who becomes a full-fledged magical agent in her own right, Secret Magic Control Agency is a light-hearted and humorous comedy that's guaranteed to please. Following in the footsteps of Hansel and Gretel (of Disney's animated classic "Fur Elise") of young fairy-tale royalty - now playing secret agents themselves - Tiffany (Karen Allen) must use her magic, wits and teamwork to uncover a sinister secret that has been plaguing her life since her birth. Everything rests in her hands as her very life depends on her success...and that just might be more than she can handle. With a new lead character (Office Employee #1) that abides by Agency protocol, Secret Magic Control Agency sets out to create an exciting and humorous movie that centers on the many bonds that connect the people working within this unique organization. Directed by Carol Deepwood, with a screenplay by Karen Allen & Bob Hoskins, Secret Magic Control Agency is set to open in theaters nationwide on September 13th.

The film is produced by Universal Pictures and Weeden Industries, which produce the feature-length film. Production on the film began at the end of May, 2021 in New York City and throughout the summer it moved locations to Los Angeles and London. On September 4th, it was officially announced that Principal Photography on the film had wrapped in London. Principal photography includes principal photography on the London stage and throughout the United Kingdom.

When Tiffany's (Tina Majorino) magic draws a negative reaction from an unseen force (an ancient, evil magician), she immediately transforms into a foul, with creature - looking more like a blood thirsty witch from a horror film than a human female. But when Tiffany is captured by the evil magician, she's subjected to sadistic and unkind treatment. Only a few brief seconds of screen time are shown of this torture, but enough for us to envision what it would be like if this happened to us - and how we'd react. As soon as we see Tiffany's transformation, we are left hanging on to the very end of the movie, wondering what happens next.

But wait, there's more! Tiffany is subjected to a series of painful and controlling spells (that she desperately wants to expunge from her memory) and is forced to submit to the whims of the wizard. More caught up in his power and his need to control her, is Tiffany able to free herself from the control of the Secret Magic Control Agency and come to terms with the truth about her past? Or does she?

The answer is... You'll have to see it for yourself. No one really gives a flying fig about the movie, except those who have seen it and loved it (which is rare). For those of us who haven't seen it, or only heard bits and pieces here and there about the movie, we will have to rely on our own knowledge and movie savvy to piece together the plot and the movie itself.

With a name like Secret Magic Control Agency, you'd think it would be a hilarious comedy with an endless number of stupidly hilarious moments. But Secret Magic Control Agency is anything but. It's a disturbing, intelligent film that answers some important questions while taking us on an intricate mystery that keeps the movie going long after the last laugh. If you ever have the opportunity to see this movie, make the effort to do so - it doesn't get any better than that. Trust me.

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Genres: Animation , Comedy , Fantasy

Duration: 104min

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