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Sacrifice is a 2021 award winning Italian horror film directed by Lucio Costa and starring Rosa Salazar, Alessandra Dincin, and Giancarlo Grazia. Set in Los Angeles, Sacrifice chronicles Daniella Hernandez (P Patton) a highly sought after entertainment attorney, as she navigates her complex personal life between recovering from an addiction to alcohol and her new role as a mother and wife. As a character, Sacrifice will explore Daniella on complex personal relationship with men, particularly as she tries to balance her professional life with her personal desires. In an online movie review, screenplay adaptation, and synopsis, I will discuss the plot of Sacrifice as well as the acting performances that were delivered by the different parts. As this is a movie that was produced by the Mirifici Pictures company, I will also discuss the special effects and other special features of the movie.

Based on the true story of an attorney, Sacrifice revolves around the events that occur in San Francisco while Daniella deals with the complications of recovering from an addiction. As the case moves forward, she slowly accepts the help of a firm that provides specialized legal services for wealthy individuals. However, when a client begins to disappear from the firm's rolls, suspicions quickly arise among the members of the firm. One of the members of the group, Fabian, is the only one that suspects anything. The investigation into Fabian's case reveals that the missing man may be linked to a string of deaths that occurred within the city's swanky nightclubs. With the help of a new police officer assigned to the case, Fabian must unravel the mystery of the dead man and discover what role the nightclubs played in his death.

The film begins in the summer of 1990, as Daniella tries to break free from the grip of an addictive alcohol. Her friend Flavia comes over to help her deal with her problems. However, before long, they realize that Daniella is actually suffering from a suppressed addiction to alcohol. While trying to delve deeper into the reason for her addiction, Daniella realizes that she has developed feelings for a man who is close to her family.

Although the majority of the movie centers on Daniella's search to find out what happened to her best friend, ucielm, the true reason behind her actions and the reason for her newfound feelings for Fabian are never revealed. The most that the viewer is able to derive from the movie is that Fabian may have been framed for the murder of one of the clients of the firm he was working for. This twist certainly doesn't help the character of sacrifice takes place.

With a multi-million dollar budget at their disposal, producers of this award winning movie, Universal Pictures and Focus Features, knew they had a powerful movie on their hands. What they didn't know, however, was how difficult a task it would be for director Danilo Soria to create characters that would move people. Luckily for the film's director, he cast British newcomer Aidan Gillen who impressed Soria so much that he became attached to the project right from the start. Viewers will also have a fondness for Michael Gambon as the title character, because he perfectly fills the role of the smooth talking and slightly shady character that Soria has tried to create in previous movies. Along with standout supporting roles played by Ewan McGregor, Kevin Dunn, and Jessica Alba, the film ends up being very successful at creating strong characters that move the story along.

Another positive aspect of the movie is the casting of new actors who don't appear in the majority of movie installments. For instance, Ewan McGregor plays a pivotal role as Daniella, while Jennifer Aniston plays a love interest for Daniella. The movie is filled with memorable scenes that are funny and touching at the same time, and the actors bring a nice mixture of humor and emotion to the role. The role of Daniella, however, is one of the most important since she represents the audience's desire to see a character overcome incredible challenges in the process of finding true happiness.

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Genres: Horror

Duration: 87min

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