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Rock Dog 2: Rock Around the Park

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In the sequel to the 2016 comedy, Rock Dog, Bodi and True Blue are once again trying to break through in a new town. This time, their hometown of Snow Mountain is in ruins, but the local kids are determined to help them. With the help of music mogul Lang, they're given a chance to tour the country with rap sensation Lil' Foxy. But hey, fame comes with a price - and this time, it's a lot more than just money.

While this film has many positive aspects, it does include some content that may not be suitable for younger children. The movie is full of slapstick humor and a lot of moral messages, which are a welcome change from the usual Disney cartoons. While it may not be suitable for the youngest audience members, it's entertaining and has plenty of good stuff to offer, despite the potential scare factor.

The film follows Bodi and his True Blue band, who are a rock band. They get a chance to tour with the pop sensation Lil' Fox, but they soon find that fame comes with a price. In this sequel, they learn that fame comes with a cost, and it's not easy to get to the top. They quickly learn that fame comes with a price. The band's hard work is rewarded with a loyal fan base, and they find themselves in a very difficult position.

In ROCK DOG 2, Bodi has to learn to be responsible for his actions. The wolves see him leaving the village and order the wolf lookouts to take him back. During the search for Bodi, the villagers find him and report him to Linnux, the wolf pack's leader. However, Bodi is blissfully unaware of the wolves' presence and are forced to return. The wolf lookouts are sent to bring him back, and he is taken by surprise.

The plot revolves around a wolf's concert with a human rock band. After the show, a concert benefits the park and the pop star. When the event goes well, the protesters form a protest against Lang's demolition of the recording booth. Eventually, the wolves will win the battle, and the band will gain notoriety and fame. Although the wolf's band is a huge hit, the film also focuses on the importance of loyalty in the music industry.

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Genres: Animation , Comedy , Family , Music

Duration: 90min

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