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Reminiscence is an Italian word for remembrance. It is an ancient European drama, first performed in Italy in the 13th century. Set in the backdrop of the decline of the Roman Empire, a contemporary story about reminiscence finds an audience wrestling with cultural and historical change. By virtue of the story's setting in an unstable Italy, the audience may anticipate some mixture of tragedy, comedy, tragedy, and melodrama. This play presents the first Italian-American play in more than two hundred years.

In The Door by Kenneth Houghton, the title character, Martin Reminiscence (Kenny Price), a respected member of an English family, is taken ill and dies not long after the play's release. A week later his grieving wife, Sarah Reminiscence (Diana counts herself as the most absent-minded of all of her immediate family members) taking charge of their affairs while Martin's death rouses memories from his childhood. As he embarks on an exploration of his past, he comes to realize that the real reason he was absent was his struggle to grasp the meaning of his father's legacy. In an effort to remember his own childhood, Martin seeks the assistance of a Dr. van Damme (Joanna Marchetti), a renowned neurologist who theorizes that a patient's neurological systems become unbalanced due to repeated traumatic experiences. Having been trained in both neuropsychology and neurology, Dr. Van Damme sees the great potential benefit of using his skills to help Martin Reminiscence.

Based on numerous studies of human development and dementia research, Dr. Van Damme's belief is that if a person can be made to recall and encode long-term memories, their ability to process new information will increase and their risk of forming new memories will decrease. Reminiscence, however, only works in situations where the person is experiencing extreme stress or confusion. As a result, many people with dementia often cannot recall many basic events. Fortunately, Dr. Van Damme has created a device called the Box of Memory that allows him to implant long-term memories into patients who have dementia. When a patient uses the Box of Memory, they only have to remember one event - like the first words of a song, for example - rather than the complete experience in order to use the device.

Reminiscence is also associated with several types of anxiety disorders, including depression, social phobia, and post-traumatic stress. However, in many cases, people afflicted with these conditions forget that they are depressed, lost, or frightened even during moments when they should be feeling secure and confident. Another surprising connection between Alzheimer's disease and reminiscence includes the phenomenon known as "online delusion." This occurs when individuals share highly relevant and vivid online memories with others; however, these memories feel very real to the individual because they are vividly represented in their mind.

The good news is that it is possible to provide individuals with dementia with reminiscence through the use of online software that enables them to retain stored information. This software has been developed by neuroscientists at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), and published by the Journal of Personality and Individual Differences. The software has been shown to increase subjects' retention of information about specific objects, activities, or emotions by as much as 30 percent! For this reason, many care homes are now using this technology to help their residents with dementia, as well as individuals who are extremely anxious or suffering from depression or social phobia.

The first step a family can take if they fear that a loved one is losing mental faculties that are too advanced for them to handle on their own is to begin discussing the possibility of them taking part in an age exchange or dementia supplement trial. The Alzheimer's Association offers many assistance services for families who are dealing with the issue of dementia. Age exchange trials are a good way to start the conversation about the importance of dementia awareness. No matter what stage of dementia a loved one is in, remaining actively involved with their care should always be the first priority. It's never too late to begin educating yourself about Alzheimer's disease and how to live with it.

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