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PAW Patrol: The Movie

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If your children are big fans of PAW Patrol, then they are probably hounding you for a copy of PAW Patrol: The Movie to get home to watch with them. If you have not seen the movie yet, you might want to do that right away. After all, your children will love this film more than anything else they have ever seen. They have been wanting you to let them watch this movie since it came out. This means you have a very strong alliance with your little ones when it comes time to decide on the perfect gift for the holidays.

This movie is the follow up to the successful Paws and Kim movie series. This time, the three lovable pups go on an adventure to save their owner from a bear. As you can expect, the adventure does not take place in a big city. Instead, the movie takes place in a quiet, small town. While some might think that a movie about dogs being dogs should be made with dogs in mind, most people who saw the movie, thought it was a great movie, and thought it had great dog-like qualities as well as the typical family man elements.

The plot of the movie begins in the first scene where the three lovable puppies, Pipsqueak, Popsie, and Paws, are on a mission yet again. This time, their mission involves rescuing an escaped convict and his two-year-old baby girl from a mugger. Upon arriving at the scene of the crime, the three dogs save the girl and bring her back home. Shortly thereafter, the mother of the convict, Candy, is taken to jail.

The next scene takes the group on a chase through the woods. The movie shows us the relationship that the three have developed over the years. They are still best friends, but they also enjoy racing each other. It appears that the father of the girl has given up his search for the missing puppy and has finally resorted to raising his own pups. In this scene, the dogs do a wonderful job of foiling the bad guys' escape attempt.

It is the beginning of the movie where the story kicks into action. With Candy's capture, the Pups are now forced to look after themselves. One of the early scenes shows the Pups tracking the criminal on foot through the forest. The movie then cuts to Kim Peppers playing the first cinema hero, a cop, who chases after the criminal and manages to shoot him before he gets away.

The movie then shifts to another chase sequence where the dogs must save the townsfolk from a rampaging monster. This makes the dog characters even more hilarious as they race against time to capture the monster. At one point in the movie, the evil farmer attempts to poison the dogs but fails to succeed. After he fails, the farmer tries to poison the Pups but he fails too and instead gives the girls his dog treat.

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