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The saying of old is young again is a nice idea, but the reality is much different. As life expectancy of humans continues to rise, the thinking of what age classify someone as old also increases. People are now living longer than ever before in history, and this rate is not leveling off, it is actually increasing. So people are now living longer but older! In order to maintain their health and live longer, humans need to be healthier and live longer. So, are there more drugs for old age?

The idea of using medicines or drugs for an increase in life expectancy is not far fetched. If someone is willing to spend a few hundred dollars on an online study course to increase their life expectancy by a couple years, they would be very interested in learning more about cognitive abilities. After all, those who are living longer is not necessarily wealthier or smarter than those who are not. But, because some are willing to pay for an education, they can afford to purchase the best medications and supplements that have been proven to help with extending life.

One theory behind the trend of older citizens is the rise in mortality due to diseases that are common among older adults such as heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer's. These common diseases often take more time to develop in the older adult, then they do in younger individuals. In these cases, it is not necessarily the lack of money that is behind their advanced age, it is more about finding the right medication to counter the effects of the disease. With so many diseases that are becoming prevalent among the older generation, there is a definite need for new medications. New drugs for old age are needed to help stave off the side effects of aging, and as people live longer, these drugs will become more readily available to help fight the onset of old age.

Some experts believe that it may be possible to extend life by a couple of years through the use of medicinal drugs. This idea might work well in developing countries where medical facilities are lacking, but it might also be feasible for people in industrialized nations where life expectancy has increased dramatically in the past few decades. Many think that it might be possible to extend life for a year or so through the use of a drug to counteract the effects of aging, but this is only one of the many theories regarding old-age social programs. It will be important for scientists to continue looking at the effects of aging on a whole new level in order to find a cure for the disease that seems to be plaguing every single person that walks into the clinic.

On a brighter note, some think that perhaps the United States could be considered old and mature as we become older. While the nation has come down hard on smoking, drinking, and eating too much, the country does boast some of the best retirement and care facilities in the world. Some think that as we become more knowledgeable about the aging process and continue to study our cognitive abilities, we could take the lead in finding ways to fight the battle of good health versus good health. This would have a very positive effect on the country's life expectancy, if current trends are any indication.

It is important to remember that if you are over 60 years of age and have had no discernible impact upon your chronological age, then you do not need to worry about being considered old and aged. In fact, if you look really carefully at the United States population aging process, you will quickly see that it is only increasing slightly. If this trend continues, it is only in a decade or two from now that the United States will be considering completely old and aged, with each passing year becoming younger. For now, keep enjoying your life and working hard to stay healthy!

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Genres: Horror , Mystery , Thriller

Duration: 108min

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