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What is the deal with Oxygen television? Does it work worldwide? The Oxygen website claims that subscribers in more than two hundred countries can watch TV on the web using an internet satellite TV service. That is not the only thing that the website tells us. But does Oxygen really deliver what the website says it will?

Oxygen is a joint venture between Direct TV and the Canadian cable company Astral Media. Because of geographical differences, only certain areas of the world can receive coverage through Astral. Hence, why don't most television listings match the regular schedule of Oxygen? Oxygen provides two feeds, Pacific and Eastern which allows channels to begin at the exact same time for all subscribers on both sides of the world.

But most television providers and even some international satellite services offer the Eastern feed no matter where subscribers live. For example, Sky uses the time zones for local channels where Oxygen is blocked. And so does some international satellite TV providers. They do not have access to the eastern time zone, which would allow Oxygen channels to be viewed in the Asia/Pacific time zone. So, when you watch full episodes of your favorite Oxygen shows online, where are they aired?

There are quite a few satellite providers who claim to provide the full episodes of your favorite shows to their members. You may check out the websites of your local cable and satellite TV providers. Sometimes, you will be surprised to find that they are not giving you the full episodes. This is because many international and some local TV providers do not air the full episodes of popular shows until they reach their respective countries or regions. So if you happen to live in Asia or other areas of the world where Oxygen is blocked, then you are not likely to watch any of your favorite Oxygen shows.

Another reason why some international and some local tv providers do not air the full episodes of Oxygen is because of copyright issues. The owner of Oxygen is ready to shell out some legal costs to make sure that they do not lose the rights to air the series. As much as possible, Oxygen shows are only available in the countries where it is broadcasted. So if you want to watch Oxygen episodes, you need to subscribe to the country or region where the show is being aired. Other countries do not allow distribution of these kind of shows.

Luckily for us, there are sites that let us watch full episodes of Oxygen. These sites are often referred to as "transmedia channels" or "unblockers". By using these tools, we are able to watch the full episodes of Oxygen season 1, episodes of future seasons, even past seasons, without having to worry about paying for each episode again.

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