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"Neon Dragon" is a rare find among the Korean movies that are released. A rare specimen of an action-packed movie that depicts the life of a Seoul girl as she tries to balance her work and personal life. The movie begins in a small apartment located on Soo Gyong, a street where many people live. This is the place where Won Hee, a college student, and his friends hang out. There is a television in the living room but no sign of its owner, which prompts Won to ask,

One day, the girl's friend Momo comes over to hang out with them as well. While having fun, the three girls notice a mysterious man in the building who introduces himself as Won Hee's uncle. The man gives the girls a ring and asks them for a ride to his car in order for him to give them money for selling some drugs on the street.

After getting the ride, the girls are asked to meet the man who introduced them to everybody. At first, they do not know who this guy is. But soon they realize that he is from the same university as Won Hee. This uncle suddenly tells everybody that somebody needs to borrow money from him so he can pay for the rent for the apartment. Soon, everybody finds out that he is borrowing money from Nobody, who happens to be his secretary.

Nobody had only given Nobody a ten thousand won salary as an assistant but suddenly, Nobody finds out that he has a daughter named Jeon Myeong. When Nobody finds out that Jeon is engaged in a secret affair with a man named Baek Dong, Nobody's girlfriend, she ends up accompanying him and drives him away. Because of this betrayal, Nobody throws Jeon out of the apartment. Shortly thereafter, Nobody meets Park Myung, a handsome starlet, and begins to date her. Because of their association, Park becomes suspicious of her and decides to confront Nobody.

The movie then shows Nobody's attempts to break free from Park's grasp. She sells her soul to the devil in exchange for his forgiveness. Meanwhile, Park makes up with Nobody by confessing his love for her. The movie ends with Nobody holding all of her assets while Park flees to Hong Kong.

The movie is a very entertaining movie. It shows everybody how unique and special Somebody really is. Nobody had all of these qualities, even before she met Park. There is no doubt that this movie is directed by Park Hyo-sang. The movie has a lot of humor and at the same time it manages to touch some very tender emotions. Overall, it is a great movie.

Average: 9 / 10 (4199 votes)
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Genres: Action , Crime , Drama , Thriller

Duration: 92min

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