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No Sudden Move

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No Sudden Move is a science fiction film directed by Mike de Leon. It is set in Detroit during the 1950's and tells the story of a man who stumbles upon a body buried in the street. The victim washes up, shows signs of dementia and has been dubbed "The Living Dead" and taken up by a group of bounty hunters. A short while later the bounty hunters discover a series of mysterious attacks and the dead man starts to rise from the dead. With a killer at the helm, No Sudden Move is one of those rare films that manages to create tension throughout instead of just filling the screen with violence and gore.

No Sudden Move follows the life of John Boyden, who stumbles upon the grave of his recently deceased wife while visiting his new neighbor and ends up staying behind to perform a job for the firm. The movie begins with the seemingly perfect tranquility of the morning when he steps into his truck to drive away in his usual way, but all of that changes when he gets out on the street. Two men stop him and ask for directions, and he tells them he only knows how to drive in the morning. These two men are called the Big Bangers and they end up being the prime suspect in the murder of Boyden's wife. No Sudden Move makes this crime feel like it's just a part of daily life until one of the characters makes an appearance and a chain of events begins to form.

If you're looking for a modern day thriller about a tough guy cop and the bad guy that follow him then No Sudden Move is definitely not what you're looking for. However, if you're looking for a clever, suspenseful crime caper that will keep you on the edge of your seat then Steven Soderbergh's movie No Sudden Move is a definite must watch. The movie itself is a fast-paced crime thriller that utilizes excellent camera work and expertly choreographed action to create a gripping climax and excellent build up to the climactic death scene that everyone has come to expect from the director. No Sudden Move also stars Michael Douglas, Dan Aykroyd, Carol Burnett, James Belushi, John Tutturro, and David Strathairn. No Sudden Move was made by the late Michael Bay, and while the movie is well worth the time that it takes to actually watch it, the film isn't exactly a classic and most people probably think that it's a little too long.

No Sudden Move is the prequel to the popular 1954 Detroit heist movie. A plain looking young man (Duel Deleted) plans a heist, but when he is captured and secretly taken to the Chinese prison where he meets his friend Sam Ho. From there, the two became enemies and Ho tries to help him escape while robbing a bank. No Sudden Move would eventually make its way into the archives of Variety and Entertainment Weekly where it became one of the best-selling thrillers of all time. No Sudden Move is the quintessential Michigan noir film and the perfect companion to No Ordinary Family.

No Sudden Move tells the story of a group of crooks who plan to rob an armored car depot, but their plan goes bad when Sam Ho goes missing and presumed dead. A mysterious stranger offers Ho a chance at freedom when he agrees to help save the bank, but he must choose to go with his new friends or face certain death. No Ordinary Family star Kevin Pollack also returns in this picture as the voice of villainous Henry "Hank" Sixaker, who is after the fortune he is owed by Sam Ho. No Ordinary Family also starred Christopher Walken as George Bailey, and he had a role in the Scarface movie.

No Sudden Move is a thrilling action thriller that stars Ed Harris, David Strathairn, and Carol Burnett. The movie itself is very short but it does add more characters and subplots than other detailed action flicks. No Sudden Move has its own fans, and Amy Seimetz was able to create a movie that will be appreciated by movie lovers. No Sudden Move doesn't do anything groundbreaking, but it does have its own unique set of characters that audiences will enjoy.

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Genres: Crime , Drama , Mystery , Thriller

Duration: 115min

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