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Ever wonder how did Nightbooks become so popular? There must have been some influence from the art nouveau movement which started somewhere around the same time as the invention of the first camera. The night was a time when man found it easier to be seen and his images took on magical qualities that attracted the attention of the royalty and the wealthy. As more were made available to them at night through the lenses of these devices, the popularity of the books and prints grew.

Nowadays there are many Nightbooks available online that can be rented or purchased. They are an interesting hybrid between a horror book and a children's book in a way. The scary stories are in color and are accompanied by beautiful illustrations. In a way they are a more child-oriented approach to horror literature and the coloring pages can help to bring out the dark side of even the most harmless characters.

The basic premise of most of the Nightbooks is that there are several nightbooks hidden throughout various neighborhoods. The townsfolk, each with their own dark secret, must travel from their home to the next in order to find the next in their series of frightening stories. Once they finally reach the next town, they are transported back in time to the night when their grandmother was a young girl and a witch appeared in front of their bed. This ruined their childhood and although they are told that their grandmother was "killed" by the witch, no evidence ever surfaces linking the two events. The only thing that remained was the ruined diary and a list of the townsfolk, who appear to consist mainly of evil witches who seem to take over each town.

There is also the fact that there were seven books in all, each taking about three weeks to complete. They are named after their publishers, which of course makes it easier to remember which book you are supposed to watch and which one you are supposed to read. A great feature of these nightbooks is that once you have finished reading the entire book, they will instantly fall asleep with a witch's face staring at you from the cover.

Of course, this does not mean that the book has to be about a real haunted house or a murder mystery. You can easily find ones that are based on myths, legends, or just funny Halloween stories that your children can enjoy. Many of these have been remade into successful movies, so you can choose to watch a remake of a movie you loved or watch one you have never heard of. Another option is to find a book, movie, or both that you especially like and make a night of it! Whether you decide to watch a traditional horror movie every night with your kids or just enjoy some cool, spooky stories, you can find a way to make watching a night at the movies even more exciting!

As mentioned above, there are a lot of different kinds of Nightbooks for sale, so you should be able to find the right one to fit your needs. Some are based on an actual story, while others have a great deal of hype and reviews that don't really give the movie much to stand out against. Make sure that you consider the synopsis and the book cover when browsing online, but if you are looking for something truly unique, try something completely different! The best thing about Nightbooks is that they can transform your home into an exciting, dark horror house, so make sure you look into some of the most terrifying titles that you can find right now! The internet is chock full of information about these fantastic books and many other scary things that you can enjoy, so you will not have any trouble finding the perfect ones to transform your home into a true horror house!

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Genres: Family , Fantasy , Horror

Duration: 103min

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